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First pump...Oz Q?

DD slept through the night (2nd night in a row) and I was painfully full this morning so I decided to pump a bit after she finished eating.  I pumped until the flow was just a drop every couple seconds and got (medela pump bottle said 2 oz.) out of both sides, although she had already fed from one side.  Note: neither is at all empty even after this.  I've heard that the first pump you won't get that much...os that a lot for a first pump?  Also...the bottle said it was 2 oz, but my storage bags said 4 (Lansinoh bags)...which is the more accurate?
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Re: First pump...Oz Q?

  • I go by the Madela bottles, as our hospital said they are the most accurate and that is what they use. I always pump more in the morning after waking up than during the day.
  • I've never heard that the first pump won't be much, but 2 ounces after feeding sounds about right. The Lansinoh bags can be accurate once you've filled out the bottom so that it sort of stands tall. My bags would say 4 ounces until I shook them to stand. Then it would read only 2 or so ounces.
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  • My first pump of the day is always the most. I get anywhere from 6-10oz in the morning and about 4oz throughout the day. The bottles are more accurate than the bags. You have to get the bags just right to read right- annoying!
  • About the bags - I was loosing my mind trying to figure this out... But I got it - the bottom of the bag pulls out/down.
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