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1 Month old = gassy baby?

From where I've been reading on the boards, many 1 month old babies (or around that time) are increasingly gassy? DD has been for about a week now and when I'm BF her after I burp her, she can get increasingly fussy. She throws all sorts of mixed signals - she looks like she needs to burp again or spit up, she roots around like she's hungry, but doesn't latch, she cries like she's tired. Then she'll spaz out and fall asleep.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this? It makes for a very tired, stressed momma since feedings can last for an hour with this behavior. 

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Re: 1 Month old = gassy baby?

  • My DS is doing the exact same thing I could have written this post! He did it all night. I kept thinking he was hungry but he would just freak out at the breast. I was loosing my mind. Maybe growth spurt?? He is extremely gassy and cries, kicks, turns red, screams, squirms, arches back and goes stiff. Its like hes having bad cramps/gas. I have no idea whats going on. But youre not alone.

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  • Yep, my LO too.  I thought it was from increasing the nipple level on our bottles.  We went back to the lower one and still have the gassy issue.  Drags those feeding out!  We have been a little better the past two days since I started burping her in sitting position.  Thankfully, she fine for the middle of the night feedings.
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  • Thank goodness for you all. DS has been going through this for a couple of days. He's always been gassy but it is awful lately. I don't recall DD going through this but she had reflux, so I probably didn't notice the gas separately.


    DD's reflux was better around 8 weeks (until her digestive system matured a bit more), so I am preparing myself to be in this for at least a few more weeks  and hoping it ends sooner. 

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