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Welcome to Week 11!

Welcome to Week 11 of your pregnancy! Chat with other Week 11 Bumpies here.

Re: Welcome to Week 11!

  • Hello fellow 11 week bumpie! How are you feeling?
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  • love this - been wanting to find others due around the same time as me - hard cause i'm right in between march and april
  • I'm due April 3.
  • Hi bumpies!  Im due April 8th!
  • Hiya, me too! Although I have like zero symptoms right now. Confused Hope everything is okay.
  • Hello ! Week 11 here I am Smile I'm hanging in there. I'm not tired of being pregnant yet. Leg cramps have kicked in at night, nothing I can't deal with. Thank goodness for my man, he gives awesome leg massages. I also read today that heating pads might help, might give that a try tonight.

     Hope all is going well. I'm due April 9, day after Easter. Can't wait for my little jelly bean.



  • Hi all!

    I'm feeling pretty good! The main discomfort right now is interrupted sleep - I get up every few hours to pee or just feel uncomfortable so I find it hard to fall back asleep.

    The morning sickness seems to have settled (knock on wood!) though it really wasn't bad to begin with and I'm thankful to have my regular energy levels up again!

    Wishing everyone a happy 11 weeks! 

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  • Hello, just started my 11th week today. I am due April 12,2012. We are so excited. I must say I am doing well; my husband on the other hand has not been doing so well. I laugh because my husband is getting all the symptoms and I am feeling fine. I had all the sickness with my first one so I think he can handle this and just let me enjoy it. My son and husband are both looking forward to feeling it kick and finding out what it is. I hope all women have a safe and as easy of a pregnancy as you can have!

  • I am 11 weeks, 2 days, and this morning was the first morning I had m/s. I thought it was supposed to subside as I neared the second trimester, not start! No leg cramps, and the queasiness is settling during the day. Can't wait for week 13!
  • im feeling the same way i cant sleep thru the night so during the times when i should be up im taking naps everywhere
  • Hello, I am 11 weeks today and due on the 13th April.

    I have had no morning sickness, Thank God! But I am feeling pretty tired. I get up very early for work as I am a personal trainer and by the afternoon I am shattered. We live in Vancouver but we are from England and this is our first baby. I have found a wonderful Midwife and I am really happy about everything now I have her. I didn't realize that you could have a Midwife without any extra cost but I went to a baby fair and spoke to a midwife there and i was shocked to find I could have one. Fantastic! I can't tell you how wonderful she is. All appointments are in my own home and for at least 45 minutes. She will do all of my check ups, be there when I give birth and come visit me after we bring the baby home and help me with any concerns. If you can, get a Midwife they are wonderful!


    Good luck to everyone,

    Lynsey x 

  • Hello! Week 11 and a few days. Morning sickness has been better! Hope it lasts. Getting somewhat of my energy back. Feeling.... HUGE. My jeans are put away now Tongue Tied and can no longer fit in them. Any ideas on what to wear cute since I'm not showing yet and can't fit in my jeans anymore. Help!
  • I bought a belly band.  This way you can wear your jeans without having to button them and it holds them up.  That is if the other parts of your jeans are still fitting :)  I (fortunately or unfortuneately) have actually lost weight becuase I have been so sick.  But yet my stomach is still expanding.  I was actually hospitalized at one point to get an IV becuase I couldn't stop throwing up.  I'm really hoping that this "morning" sickness disappears at 12 weeks. 

    I also bought some black maternity dress pants at Target that are super comfy and you can't even tell they are maternity.  I have been wearing lots of cardigans as well.  I bought some maternity tops - but there are just way to big to wear yet and it looks silly. 

  • Hello,

     I'm at week 11 day 5. My husband and I are so excited, this is our 1st pregnancy. We are due April 13th, 2012. One thing that I've found is that I am very fatigued/sleepy. Has anyone found anything that helps with the tiredness?


  • finnaly 11 weeks and 3days only 200 days left to go, feels like forever. this is hour first baby so everything is still magical we are counting the days till we feel the kicks. so far everything has been good, just leg cramps in the evening and sleepy during the day cause i have to get up almost every hr to pee through out the night. it is nice to be able to see what other women are dealing with at this point. i feel like i belong.

  • Hello everyone. This is so exciting... NO leg cramps here since about two weeks ago. I started drinking ALOT more water and that seemed to help. 





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  • I can't wait 'til the end of the first trimester!! 

    I feel huge, already. But I don't look pregnant, just bigger. lol. Do the belly bands really work?? I've just been wearing jeans that are bigger on me but I feel a little frumpy. And idk WHERE I'm gonna find khakis for work that are long enough for my legs!!

    Morning sickness has subsided some, but I still throw up when I brush my teeth a lot of the time. Gross!!

    Exhaustion has been more trouble for me than anything!! (Except the mood swings, haha!) By the time I get off work I just want to go lay down! Which is really inconvenient when I have things to do! 

    Can you tell this is my first pregnancy??? lol 

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  • I have absolutely no symptoms either!  Doctor seems to think we're "lucky ones" but I completely understand the anxiety you're feeling because I'm certainly feeling it too!  My next appointment is Monday for the heartbeat, couldn't be more excited
  • I've felt a lot of the same things you have: continued mood swings (my poor husband), lessened morning sickness where I throw up only when I brush my teeth in the morning (strangly not when I brush any other time), and pants that don't fit even though I don't look much bigger. I borrowed a baby band from my sister but it must be too big because it didn't really work. I finally went out and bought some black drawstring, lounge pants that I can get away with at work and that don't cut into my stomach. That has helped.

    I can't decide if my expanding stomach is a baby bump or just the bloat, as it gets bigger at night. Maybe a little of both. I can still wear form-fitting shirts without revealing my condition, but my jeans don't button.

    I have had headaches and suffered through an ocular migraine last week. I also have sharp pains every once in a while in my stomach and pelvic areas. Anyone else have those?

    Overall, I have started to feel a bit better at 11 weeks and hope I am on the up-swing. :)

  • Hey ladies! I'm also at wk 11. Just went to the doc today and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It was so cool! This is our first. I've been one of those "lucky ones" I guess, have only been nauseous on and off every couple of days. For me it's been more of an aversion to food completely. Just not wanting to eat at all. I do anyways to stay healthy of course. My emotional status however something else. Good thing my husband is a great support system. I haven't gained any extra weight but the doc said that I won't until the middle or end of T2. Fine with me, less clothes to buy. :)

     As far as your shooting pains in your stomach, it could be excess gas. Sounds nasty but I've been there before. Also, I can't remember what it's called but I read the other day on thebump that you can start to feel these pains down there, which they explained were normal because your uterus is expanding again at this stage.

    I'm hoping to feel a little more normal as the weeks progress and looking forward to eating more and feeling the baby move around.

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  • Hi all i am also as week 11 and eager to getting some energey back . I have had headaches back pain constipation and neusea, but these are definately not everyday feelings which im glad for. I've been doing pretty well to manage all my changes. experienced weight loss so far went from no appetite to loss of interest in certain taste. I seem to be looking a little wide in my eyes in my waist area but to the public eye you cant tell im pregnant. My next prental visit isnt for 2weeks but by then i can hear the hearbeat which im excted about as well...  Right now im just trying to stay under the radar not ready to tell my job as yet.
  • Hey everyone :]

     I'm 11 weeks as well, due May 4th. It seems pretty far away. I just told my boss and everyone else at work, I felt they needed to know as soon as possible, we have such a small amount of staff that I need to get all the schedualing taken care straight away.. Plus I work with alot of things you should avoid during pregnancy (I work at a hospital pharmacy). I feel like I'm plumping up more and more every day. I had my first prenatal appointment at 7 weeks where they did the first ultra sound and we heard the babys heart beat. I had to fight back the tears. For it not being a planned pregnancy, it was much more exciting than I thought.

  • Hello.... Think I'm 11 weeks,  I went to the Dr and from my cycle I thought I was 7 weeks and now they are saying i'm measuring 12-13 but my due date says i'm 11.  So i'm not sure about any of it :)  All I know is I'm healthy, my baby is healthy and it will come sooner than later :)


  • Hello,

    I was 11 weeks yesterday and am due May 17th.  I have been feeling great with the exception of fatigue.  I have been luck so far and had no morning sickness. I had my first ultrasound Monday and everything looked great!  I can't wait to get out of my first tri-mester.  I have my first appointment to meet my midwife on Nov. 4th, I am not sure what to expect from her o I am excited to hear what she has to say!


    Good Luck,

     Brandy J


  • My due date is also May 17th!  I have had some morning sickness, but I went from having no appetite to being hungry all the time.  I am eating so much, but I've only gained a couple pounds.  Is anyone else experiencing crazy hunger? 
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  • Hello ladies! Pregnancy sure is a trip!

    I'm 11 weeks and 2 days and it sure has been interesting. At first I felt great, and thought I might be one of the lucky ones (like my mother was), but I spoke too soon. Each week since week 5 has added a new symptom - all day nausea (no actual m/s though), exhaustion, headaches, dizziness etc. By the time the work day is done it's all I can do to get myself home and on the couch! The all day nausea seemed to reduce to just evenings around week 10, but then the dizziness picked up. Week 10 I also developed sciatica which is making sitting and sleeping interesting.

    This is our first pregnancy, so we're very excited, and DH has been a great support, but we're both looking forward to the second trimester! Fewer symptoms and more baby!

    Good luck ladies and enjoy the ride!

  • Hello everyone! We are so excited... we are 11 weeks tomorrow, so I guess I'm kind of cheating but, I'm so excited!!!!!!

    I guess you could say I've been one of the lucky ones... morning sickness none at all and only a little nausea in the car. But I think my husband thinks I'm crazy because I'd almost rather have something to know that everything is good and I'm actually preggers... and then the mood swings started. hehe everything is way more emotional than before, good and bad. My husband tells me he loves me and the baby and I'm crying in the kitchen... *smile*

    Its been so exciting... I've definitely been having trouble fitting into my pants and I've been having those "stretching" pains down low in my pelvis, but my doc says that is completely normal.

    anyway, know I've rambled on... but good luck to everyone... nice to know there are others out there feeling the same way I do!

  • Today I am 11 weeks with my first little angel!!! I can't wait to find out what it is. I suppose I am VERY lucky I have no morning sickness, never did I only was nauseous, gagged a couple of times but that't it. I am so thankful. I have peed like crazy and in fact semi peed the bed while I was sleeping, woke myself up in enough time to not have done damage to my bed OMG this is the worst symptom I've had so far. I am scared to sleep and feel like a little girl again having accidents. I'm worried because this is only week 11 and I really don't want to know what the following weeks will do to my bladder. TMI I'm sure but I wanted to know if anyone is having the same or similar issues. Thanks 
  • Hi everyone! Very excited to be a part of this weeks groupBig Smile
  • Wow

    Week 11 of being pregnant and no morning sickness I get nauseos sometimes but other than that I feel great Smile

  • 11 WEEKS I am Due Aug 29th or Sept 2nd  have not gotten an exact date. No morning sickness really didnt have that much. Cant wait this is my first child my husband and I are so happy.
  • image Bump Kathleen:
    Welcome to Week 11 of your pregnancy! Chat with other Week 11 Bumpies here.

    Okay, I have had enough of this pukey feeling to last a lifetime...  I have a CVS and Level 2 ultrasound scheduled next Monday... a little nervous to say the least.  This pregnancy has been a long haul for my hubby and I as we were trying for almost 2 years before this little blessing came into existence.  I already have a 17 year old (getting ready for college).... Out with one, in with another... people tell me I'm nuts (my husband doesn't have children, so I compromised with 1). 

    I'm considered "high-risk" because of my age and my daughter delivered at 36 weeks.  If you want more details... I'd be glad to share!

  • Hi, congrats! it's our first as well...

    That's interesting , I am due on Nov 18th! (and we are both 11 weeks?) Anyways, It's a great feeling to approach the end of first trimester.


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