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Two year old and My Tot Clock

Has anyone had success with this? My 2 year old is waking up at 5:45, mainly because it gets light out at 5 here now :( . He has always pretty successfully understood that dark means sleep and light means wake up, which used to work. Now that we've moved overseas and it's all different, I need something else. He knows his colors and likes to sleep. Thoughts?

Re: Two year old and My Tot Clock

  • It works for us.  My 2 year old was waking around 6 but her normal wake up time used to be 7.  It was easy for her to understand the concept but took a month or so to practice it.  She still wakes earlier sometimes but I go in and tuck her back in bed and tell her I'll see you when your clock turns green.  

    The first few weeks weren't as easy and I stayed in her room with her until it turned green, but overall I feel it's worth the money!   The longer we've had it the more I like it 

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