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Waking up screaming?

Okay, so my son just turned 6 weeks old today and it seems like ever since he was a few weeks old every once in a while (though not too often) he'll wake up for about a minute, scream, then go right back to sleep. Just a little while ago I heard him start waking up. He screamed and I got up to get him, but he was asleep before I could reach him (I was literally less than twenty feet away from him). I know babies can't dream until they're toddlers, so why do young babies wake up to scream just once, then fall back asleep?
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Re: Waking up screaming?

  • We had the same exact problem. It's taken a lot of trial and error to help make it better! I know it's heartbreaking seeing them in pain. We thought it was gas and were using gas drops and gripe water. Then we changed from the Enfamil Gentlease the pedi suggested and went to Gerber Good Start Gentle. There was some improvement after a few days, but when he still wasn't getting any rest the pedi prescribed Zantac twice a day. It seemed at first that it wasn't helping, but almost a week later DS is sleeping MUCH better, and it's getting better every day. There was some increased spit up at first, but it's decreased a lot now. I think the Zantac must be doing something right. Good luck!
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  • It might be gas.
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  • Both my kiddos did this. I have no idea why...
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  • My LO one she is 8 weeks old does that too! She goes right back to sleep though.
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