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Mei Tei vs. stretchy wrap?

I need people to rec their carriers! Right now we do hug hold in the Moby which DS likes... but its getting hot and pre-tying the wrap before I go out is tricky as far as getting the right tension to pop him in.
I really want to try a stretchy wrap and do the Double Hammock Cross Carry like on the Je Porte Mon Bebe site... but will that still be too hot/unwieldy? Are Mei Tais as comfy for mom and baby as a wrap? Let me know which carrier you prefer!

Re: Mei Tei vs. stretchy wrap?

  • I started with a Moby (often called a "gateway" carrier here!). I've since moved on to woven wraps (Strorch and Elleville Zara) and a MT. I'm not familiar with the Je Porte wraps, but it looks like it would be warm like the Moby since it is a longer wrap. I've never seen hybrid wraps like that (stretchy/woven). I think a better option would be to get a MT or a "cooler" woven wrap... I haven't ever used vatanai, but that brand is considered among the less hot wraps. You could get a shorter length and just do ruck carries or other one layer carries. The MT that I have is a Kozy Carrier. I like it, but I use it mainly for my toddler since it's pretty quick to use. It's comfortable w/ my 30 lb toddler if he doesn't lean too much! I know there are lots of other brands of MT's and wraps... is a good place to compare different carriers!
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  • My Babyhawk MT was my only carrier from six months until almost a year.  Then I wanted to try back carries and I didn't feel like I could get and keep DD high enough with my Babyhawk.  That is when and why I started trying out woven wraps.  However, my Babyhawk was and still is super duper comfy for front carries...
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  • I just switched to a MT from my sleepy wrap(like a moby). DD likes it and I do too, but it isn't quite as snugly as a wrap. I am planning on getting a vatanai wrap soon so I can keep wrapping her. 
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  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone! We may go the vatanai route. I had never heard of it before!
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