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Favor ideas...

I need some ideas for favors for DS's party coming up soon.  I am pretty tired of getting a notepad and a pencil or an eraser or pack of 4 crayons, but I need some ideas of things that are inexpensive, but won't just be trashed as soon as they get home.

So far I've thought of candy (which DH doesn't think is good b/c some parents might not approve of) and little kazoos/noise makers, but that's all I can come up with.

What were your favorite favor ideas - either you thought of, or your LO got as a favor from a birthday party?




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Re: Favor ideas...

  • We did sunglasses and blow-up beach balls last year. I saw DD's friends wearing those sunglasses at the playground all summer. One mom even contacted me to see if I had a spare pair because her son was distraught that he'd dropped his accidentally into the subway tracks.

    We also included some tattoos since DD kept getting those at other parties as favors and loved them.

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  • I think the most-played-with favor we've ever gotten was a Matchbox car. Relatively inexpensive and what kid doesn't love them?? :)

    I've done mini coloring books, play doh, princess crowns, blow up balls, bubbles, stickers.... always candy in there ;)

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  • Bubble sticks ($1 Walmart), water guns (dollar tree), plastic swords, matchbox cars, bouncy balls, sidewalk chalk, Pez. Check target dollar spot for ideas. 
  • We went to a birthday party with a music theme and the favors were all musical instruments.  I believe they got the instruments at Oriental Trading and they were pretty inexpensive.  Definitely the most used favors my kids have received. 
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  • I try to pick practical ideas that are still fun.

    I've made cds of "music to monkey around" for a monkey party.

    I made bird seed bird feeders for a bird theme party.

    I've sent fun shaped crayons and soaps (found on Etsy.com).

    Snacks are great to take home. A box of raisins, goldfish, teddy grahams.

    A small dollar store book.


    Or best yet.... nothing! :) They aren't needed!

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  • Do you have a theme to your party that you can work off of?

    I usually go with something edible that I can make myself (for DS1's cars party last year I made rice krispie treats with chocolate on top and the kid's names in white icing...to look like tires).

    One year when we only had a few kids coming, I was able to spend a little more and gave water/summer toys...a sand pail with a beach ball and water toys (all from the dollar store).

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  • Skip the candy - things for outside like chalk and bubbles are always fun and you can never have enough of these.  I have been able to cute cups and have added a slinky or ball (the fun stretchy kind) for the last 2 parties and they have been hits with our friends.
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  • My DD's theme this year is monkey, so I made mini sock monkeys out of girl white and purple socks.  It was fairly cheap($4 for a pack of six and I had the buttons and stuffing from other projects).  I think I am also doing some "Red Vines" for a favor too(cause monkeys swing on vines).  But thats about it.
  • DH is a dentist and was worried about all the sugary snacks. Our favors were kiddy toothbrushes (the kind with characters on them) and little tubes of kids toothpaste along with a bouncy balloon (with rubber band to tie on - they come in 3packs from the dollar store) and an organic lollipop. The kids LOVED the toothbrushes! I could have just handed them each a toothbrush and been done with it. LOL

    We did use our connections and got the toothbrushes and toothpaste from DH's office. Half the kids are his patients (family and close friends) anyways.  

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  • My DD has plenty of junk, so I'm not too worried if things get thrown away.

    I've done bubbles, little kid jewelry, sunglasses, bags of pretzels/goldfish, army men, stamps, crayons, etc.

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  • I bought these on Etsy for DD2's birthday party last month and they were a hit.  THey were cheap, easy, cute, and the kids loved the candy.  The seller was super easy to work with...she can do all types of designs.  She did a custom order and matched our invites exactly.


    Here is a picture of ours from our birthday party:



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