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lesbian death bed-we did "it"

ha ...

Ok so  M and I and the girls are in Kauai for 2 weeks on vacation ( with her family ) yay - but no ... 1) M and Dos Baby S were thrown up on by a passenger behind them COVERED IN VOMIT ... COVERED only 1.5 hours in to a 5hr flight. OH GEEZ!! well when we arrived to "paradise" we bathed the girls and M showered and we were ready for VACATION.... and then S got sick- throwing up tons and diarrhea Sunday in Kauai everything closes early so I scrambled to get pedialite and a thermometer - we were up all night with her she was so sick - and threw up so much in the pack n play ( resort was all out )  then in the am M gets sick ... throwing up everywhere and Diarrhea and the gamut felt like CRAP - so 1 sick baby 1 sick mom and then DOS BABY L starts ...things started to look better on Thursday and I think they are all recovered 100%

Ok ok ... so thursday is a good day everyone is better and vacation with 9 months old is interesting-we spend lots of time in room eating and napping well we did when they were sick we have one more week we will see...

so I was feeling a lil' randy ( very unusual for me )  but tired... So i went to bed earlier than anticipated... i just could not stay awake i went t bed but could not fall asleep...so i sent M a text message ..HEH HEH - so lame... in which she came to bed ( we had 1 hour till we had to feed girls again their final bottle for the night ) so .. i text M SOMETHING LAME like come to bed for a hour ...

so she did  ... and we just laid there and then we just started making out ( i know right it was a lil odd)  but then things started happening but my point if telling you this that  it was so DORKY ...  like we were clutsy and seemed so goofy - i dunno ... but i got no game  no swagg i felt like i had no clue what i was doing -


all in all it was silly but NICE... and now for some reason I am embarrassed.. buyt not really but am ...ack see it was so awkward but in a good way so there is hope for everyone... it will come around....


tee hee---




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