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Hello All:

I have been diagnosed with cholestasis. The main symptom is itchiness all over the body. This itchiness is out of hand. They have me on one medicine as well as extra vitamin K. My doctors had hoped that this will also calm down the itchiness but it has not. Has anyone else dealt with this? I am wondering if any of you can recommend some good creams to use. There is not much out there since the itch happens from within but I am always willing to try anything. At this point I am using Cetaphil, Benadryl cream during the day, and Benadryl pill form at night. The Benadryl works so I am not waking up from the itchiness anymore but it still takes forever to kick in. Just checking if anyone has any recommendations because the itch is constant and unbearable!

Re: cholestasis

  • I had cholostasis, and was induced early because of it. Make sure they are monitoring your liver function, and bile level in your blood. How far are you? DS was only 5.5 weeks early, so it was alright in the end. It all began with a bad gallbladder!
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