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Ergo users a question

Have any of you heard of the

that attaches to the ergo carrier? and can act like a diaper bag? Have any of you used this? Is it big enough to carry to for twins? The other backpack diaper bag I am considering is the

Which I have seen mentioned here and has gotten good reviews.

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Ergo users a question

  • I have never seen that bag IRL, but diaper bags are a funny thing and fairly analogous to purses in that if you like to carry a bunch of stuff in a purse you will probably do the same with a diaper bag.  I personally have never carried a purse and rarely carry the diaper bag so anything would be big enough for me since I just throw the diaper bag in the car to have a change of clothes for LO, a few diapers and a thing of wipes, it does not go in the store.  When I wear LO in a store/restaurant etc I tuck a diaper into the wrap somewhere and a burp cloth over my chest/in front of LO's. 
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  • I looked at the Columbia one when I had DD.  I don't think it would be big enough for 2.  We do cloth diapers and so far the Bento by Skip Hop Duo has been a good size for us.  We've only been using it for a week though.
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  • I have the ergo backpack.  It's ok as just a backpack/diaper bag.... I wouldn't want it as my primary one, and it's a PITA when you try to wear it AND the ergo carrier with a baby in it.  The backpack hangs too low with stuff in it and it looks weird.  I paid to much for it and wish I hadn't gotten it.  Hope that helps you.  I love our Skip Hop diaper bag, FYI.  Good luck.
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