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AP book on discipline and SSC for Plus Size Mom.

My DS is only 10.5 months so we don't really have to much to worry about right now, but I know it's in the near future.  I am wondering if there is any sort of AP book about discipline and different ways to handle those sorts of things?

My second question (because I figured why not do it one post) is if anyone has any recommendations on a SSC for a plus size mom.  I prefer a SSC for the ease of things, and I am not a fan of wraps.  Thanks a million for any help you can offer!

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Re: AP book on discipline and SSC for Plus Size Mom.

  • The new beco Butterfly will fit a plus size mama.  I had one from 2 years ago and I had the waistband almost fully extended.  I got a new one (i sold mine when DS couldn't really use it and then got pregnant again).  I extended it all the way and it was probably a foot too big (and I was 20w pregnant so there was even more of me to go around).  

    The Ergo also comes with waist extenders but I've never tried one. 

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  • I am an 18/20 and the Ergo performance fits me with a few inches to spare.  I believe the performance style has a longer waist band than the others and is also (for some strange reason) not compatible with the extender.  DH can also wear the ergo with room to spare and he is not small either.  We LOVE the Ergo.
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  • I'll second the Beco Butterfly. I tried mine on today, and it fits over my nine month belly with room to spare.
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  • I'm a plus sized mama and love my ergo.

    For discipline books, my fave is: Love Lessons and Limits - it doesnt address early childhood specifically but gives a nice framework to build your parenting philosophy and voice.

  • I love my Ergo.  I got the waist extender and now I have TONS of extra room in the waist.
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