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Has anyone done a tinkerbell bday party?

Please show me your ideas. TIA

Re: Has anyone done a tinkerbell bday party?

  • We had wings for all the kids to wear (you can buy them at the $1 store) but they were available to borrow at the themed venue we chose. The kids flapped around like fairies. Then played some games one w/ a dragon and castle the rest non fairy related ie: musical chairs, duck-duck-goose. Also, we painted their nails w/ glitter nail polish and sprinkled fairy dust on the kids cheeks.

    ETA: I thought of another activity. The girls made bracelets w/ snap on beads which doubled as a party favor.

    The party favors included Tinker Bell cups I found at Walmart (cheapest but also found at Target and Party City). Goody bags included Tinkerbell stickers, pencils, note pad, ring stamp,etc...There is a bunch of TinkerBell Goody bag fillers.

    You can see the green tinkerbell cups on the table and pink bracelets in this pic.



    Mommy of two girls: DD1 4/14/9 DD2 4/15/11
  • Years & years ago I *was* tinkerbell at my friend's DD's bday party.  I had a tinkerbell outfit, appeared from behind a gate with a smoke machine (lol) and threw sparkles (aka pixie dust).  The looks on the kids' faces was priceless.  I did face painting the rest of the party.  It was a blast.  They always went all out for their kids parties, obviously!!
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