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RP - 3 YO bday party question

I don't post often and didn't realize there was a preschool board, so I posted this on 24 mos + first.

I am going to have a small party for our DS, mostly family and a few close friends at a restaurant that has a small playroom with a handful of toys/tvs.  It will be about 20 adults and 6 kids (3 yrs).  I planned very last minute and didn't think most of the kids would be able to come besides my nephew, so I hadn't intended to do any games, etc..  I planned nothing....

So now, last minute, I was thinking maybe when people get there I can have a small easy craft setup for the kids, then they can eat and run around in the playroom for a bit before cake.  It's starting at 11:30 and I am guessing we'll wrap up around 1:30.  I'll have a small bag with a balloon and some favors to take home (along with the craft).

Is it ok if I don't plan any organized games, etc..?  I feel like at 3 the attention span is pretty short anyway.  What do you think - would your kids be bored by this or you think it sounds fine?

Also, I am 34 wks pregnant, huge, tired, uncomfortable, and selfishly....I don't want to be running around facilitating pin the tail on the donkey or even a pinata or anything.  What do you think?  Will the kids be bored or does this sound ok?  thx.
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Re: RP - 3 YO bday party question

  • Yep, sounds good. I planned a simple craft (applying stickers to decorated a little box) and let the kids put toppings on their own mini pizzas. It was too much programing for them. If I could do it again I wouldn't plan any activities. Especially in a play area. 
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  • I haven't had any planned activities for any of our parties yet, including DS's 4th. We are having DD's 2nd party next weekend and have nothing planned. We have small parties at our house and the kids (usually around 8-10 total) are plenty entertained by just running around and playing with each other and my kids' toys. I haven't seen the need (yet) to offer planned activities or entertainment. 


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  • Thank you guys for the comments and ideas...I feel a little better, and I think I will bring some playdough and stickers in addition to the craft - thanks!  I hope everybody has a good time...

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  • One of my friends did something similar and she had a table set aside with foam masks that the kids got to decorate with foam stickers. they all loved wearing the masks afterwards. i think she got the supplies at orientaltrading.com
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  • HOnestly, with a play room and eating - I don't think you even need to do a craft.  I had my DD's 3rd party at a train store - they had about 6 small train tables for the kids to play with and it was right next to the private room that we had lunch and cake in.  They provided little gifts for the kids that included a wooden train that the kids could color and had markers on the table.  The kids did take the train out of the bag between lunch, cake and gift opening but I honestly do not think any of the kids colored them.  They wanted to play with the trains and eat and that was it.  I would also plan for about an hour and a half at that age - for some kids at age 3, 2 hours can get long.
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