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when do you wrap your toddler?

I was just sitting here trying to remember the last time I wrapped LO. She is 22 months, and it was in January on vacation at the beach. 

It seems like when I am at home she doesn't want to be wrapped, or there isn't much of an opportunity. I work during the week and DH is a SAHD so he does the shopping and errands. On the weekends I usually just hang out with LO to get some quality time and relaxation. I think if we went for a hike or to the zoo or museum I would take my shorty. But I'm not sure if I ever see myself wrapping her in a DH or using one of my longer wraps. Kinda makes me sad! :(

When do you wrap your toddler?  

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Re: when do you wrap your toddler?

  • I seldom wrap my LO now. I always have a wrap with me if we're walking and she gets tired, but she'd rather I carried her on my hip than on my back and I've never mastered a hip carry :-(
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  • She's boycotting at the moment, so I only force it if I *need* to keep her out of the way while I do something (like painting a wall or something electrical or unsafe for her to not have other supervision).  She'd be wrapped on my (or DH's) back for our evening walk until... February or March?  (21ish months)  But now she prefers the stroller over the wrap since she can get in and out more easily and walk more.
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  • Since getting pregnant, I haven't wrapped DD very much at all.  However, I brought 4 different carriers on a cross country trip to show to my sister, who has a newborn.  I used every one...A LOT!  I wore DD in the airport (in my first rebozo carry on one flight and in a double hammock while we treked through the airport on another flight), all over the Mall of America, at the zoo, and on the walk/bus ride to/from the children's museum.  I also wore her in a sling for a few minutes while we were shopping.  She was happy to be my model while I demonstrated how to use wraps to one of my sister's friends, and I wrapped her while walking home from a restaurant...All of my carriers got some crazy love...for three weeks.  However, in the six weeks since we've been home, the only wrap that has gotten any love at all has been the wrap we use as a swing.
  • I don't think I've wrapped H since last fall :-(  H and I both wear him in a Boba still though.

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  • We've been using slings or shorty wraps for months now. Ari goes through phases of wanting to be worn for up to 30 mins daily or not at all for weeks. I do have an SSC otw for our afternoon walk - he wants to walk but can't do it the whole way. Back carries are really most comfortable for me right now & he doesn't have patience for even RUB now. I have mastered a sling/rebozo back carry but the one shoulder thing while pregnant sucks.



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  • I'll wrap DD1 when she's super cranky or throwing a tantrum. It always calms her down.

    Same with DD2, but I'll also wrap her if we're walking around somewhere and she's sleepy and doesn't want to sit in the stroller. 

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  • Man, it's been... awhile since I wrapped DS. I honestly can't remember the last time we broke out a wrap. 

    However, my ring sling is still getting a good bit of love. We used that just yesterday. My mei tai is also still getting some use for longer walks. I like a brisk walk when exercising the dog, and DS walks too slow. So I throw him on my back for those. He * usually* doesn't protest.

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  • I just have to say that I wrapped LO last night before bed and we went for a walk and it was great. Short enough for her to enjoy it, but long enough to calm her down a bit before bedtime. 


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