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Should a 3 year old be able to tell you what hurts???

DS was diagnosed with an ear infection over the weekend.  Prior to getting him to the doctor, I asked him if anything hurt....he said yes his tummy.  After coming home from the doctor who examined his ears, I asked again if anything hurt.  He said yes and pointed to the right ear (the one that is infected.)  DS just turned it normal for them to have discomfort in one body part but say something different hurts?

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    Maybe his tummy also hurt. Ear infections can drain into the tummy. Maybe he needed to poop lol. I think they answer in the moment rather than on a longer term basis. So at that moment his tummy may have been hurting but after when you asked maybe his ear was the bigger problem.

    This is more or less what I was going to say.

  • Agree w/ PP. My DD says her tummy hurts all the time when she's hungry.Obviously, hunger pains are not painful and most of the time she's not really hungry.  She knows how to work the system to get a snack (usually sweets).
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  • If I ask DD a direct question - does your ear/throat/arm/toe, etc. hurt, she's correct.  But, she will randomly say she's sick and thell me her tummy hurts - most of the time she's constipated or gassy. 

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  • It could have been both. DS always says his tummy hurts or feels funny right before he has to poop!
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  • I think ears can be tricky - when you have an ear infection, it is inside your head, which isn't really your ear when you say "point to your ear".
  • DD is pretty good at identifying what hurts when she gets random bumps or bruises.  I just think the ear might be tricky since it's more inside your head than you actual ear lobe.  She will also sometimes say she's sick when she's not or talk about a boo-boo that has long since healed.
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  • I agree with ppers.  DS seems so with it, but is so distracted LOL.  He is 3.5 and he is getting better, but it hard because I don't want to ask "leading questions".  DD on the other hand isn't even 2 and just told me before bed that she wants to "go to the doctor office tomorrow to get Mia ears checked".  She told me at dinner that they hurt. 
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