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Sorry, I thought of another question.

Does anyone use the MyDays app? Someone on another board mentioned it months ago and I downloaded it for future use. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with it.


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  • Meh.  I've been using it for 2 years or so, only because I had irregular cycles a few times.  It's good if you want to mark your cycles on a calendar and make notes, but unless you are every 28 days like clockwork, it's only a basic calendar really.  It doesn't predict.  I use it in conjuction with the FF app and OPKs.

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  • I used it when I first started TTC before finding TB.  I have better luck with Fertility Friend and actually knowing if and when I O, not just an app guessing when I am fertile.


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  • I like the fertility friend app.

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  • I used MyDays for a long time before I came on this board an discovered FF.  I have pretty normal cycles, yet MyDays was always completely wrong about when to expect my period.  I know you can imput BBT in there, but I never did, and when I used it there was not a place to imput CM.

    In my opinion, FF is a zillion times better!  Is there any reason you don't want to use FF?  There is an app for it too, so imputting data on the go is easy, too.  GL! 

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  • Thanks for the info! I don't have any reason not to use Fertility Friend, but will download it now since it seems to be more accurate than MyDays. I haven't really used MyDays so deleting it won't be a big deal.
  • I used the MyDays app in the past and it took a couple cycles, but it was always spot on. We weren't TTC then, but I just used it to get a ballpark of when to expect AF. I never entered temps or anything, I only tracked AF. Once I found FF, I used both for a little bit. I just wanted to see how accurate MyDays was and for a few cycles (not just in the beginning of my FF use), FF was wrong and MyDays was correct with it's AF predictions.  BTW: My cycles are about 30 days apart. Currently, my program of choice is FF. It has way more features and has provided me with much more knowledge about ovulation/charting/TTC. The iphone/andriod app they have is wonderful too!

  • I don't know if MyDays has a website, but I really like that about FF. There are some great features on the FF website too if you get the VIP membership.


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  • I didn't like the MyDays app. I use both FF and Ovuview.
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