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3 Day Method- Any Advice??

My son is 21 months (only a few weeks younger than the suggested 22 months), however, he shows all the signs of being ready- including asking to go on the potty two days ago!  However, up until yesterday I didn't have a potty seat or potty for him to go on and he freaked when I tried to hold him over the toilet.

On the recommendation of someone on the 24+mth board, I downloaded Lora Jensen's 3 day potty training and am starting on Wednesday.  I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for me???  Anything you wish you knew or did when you did this?  Anything you did slighty different from the method that worked well? 

I am the first of any of my friends and family to even TRY potty training before DS is 2- everyone I know has waited till closer to 3, so while I'm getting support, I think most of them think I'm crazy!  So I have no one to get advice from on this, but I'm praying it works and can't wait to show them all how crazy I am not!!!  :)


Re: 3 Day Method- Any Advice??

  • I bought her book two years ago and used it to PT my oldest son. He was a little over 2.5 years old and was more than ready. Her method works in less than 2 days. I followed it to the tee.

    That being said I tried using it this last weekend with my 27 month old. It didn't go as smoothly, go figure. He actually had the flu (fever came on day 2). So we ended up back in diapers on day 5. I gave up when I came down with the flu. I couldn't keep up and we are back in diapers.

    If you bought her book you have access to her help desk. She is very helpful. She did recommend (like in her book) to wait 30 days before retraining but I am trying again this weekend.

    My best advise is to be patient and consistant. DO NOT attempt to go anywhere. And follow her advise. It works. It can take longer than 3 days, but well worth the work.

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  • I modified it for our situation.  She advises against telling them to "try", but I felt it was important for DS to experience success.  So I set a timer for every 15 minutes and had him sit on the potty for about 5 minutes every time the first day.  The second day I moved the timer to every 30 minutes, and the third day every hour.  By then, though, he was telling me when he needed to go, or just going and taking care of it on his own and telling me after the fact. 
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