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nap schedule?

My daughter is almost 3 months old, and I've been reading that they usually fall into some sort of nap pattern about this age. Recently i have been trying to put her down in her bassinet after rocking to sleep. SometImes she will last a few hrs and other times i have to go rock her or eventually just hold her if she's crying. She sleeps really well if being held or if napping with me. just wondering if it would be better to try to keep her in bassinet more to nap? I really never let her cry for more than a minute or two. Also seems like if she"s being held she will sleep for hrs (all morning or afternoon), and not sure if she should be awake more. At night she still does ok. usually able to put her in bassinet around nine after i have BF and we have some play time. Then i feed her again before we go to bed around 10 or 1030. She usually will last another 5 to 6 hrs in bassinet, though sometimes i will wake up to her wimpering and rock bassinet until she is quiet again. when she eats around 3 or 4 i recently have been pulling her into bed with me and then she spends rest of night with us, though sometimes it is hard for me to sleep with the limited positioning.

sorry for this whole long schedule! just wondering if it's normal or if i should try to get a little more routine to our day! sometimes it would be nice!

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Re: nap schedule?

  • My baby didn't get more predictable until much closer to 6 months. He did learn to sleep anywhere, though, either in the car seat or carrier. So I just went about my day and he came along and it was fine - honestly, easier than now when he needs 2 naps ideally in his crib at home.

    Don't worry about it. Sounds like everything is fine. Do you have a carrier? DS always napped great in the carrier and I still had my hands free that way.

  • Around about that time (maybe earlier? it is all a blur), I figured out that LO needed to be awake for about 90 minutes between naps. Some naps were really short, and that was okay, but the clock started again whenever he woke up.

    Eventually that transitioned to after three hours (at which point he had 2 naps a day). 

     That was the closest thing to a schedule we ever had. His naptimes were always variable, and he always napped longer when he was on me, but sometimes I  needed time to myself or to get something done, so he had a shorter nap on his own.

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  • DS is 15 weeks and his schedule looks like this..wake up between 7 and 8 AM, 1st nap in crib is about 1-2 hrs after wake up time, and will sleep anywhere from 45 min to 2 hrs, he will be awake and play (tummy time, songs, stories, walk, etc) for about 2 hrs, then back for a nap and he will sleep for 2- to sometimes 4 hrs!, awake for 2-3 hrs and will cat nap (45 min to an hr or so) around 6pm, then bed time is at 8PM. We do have days where naps end up being short and he gets over tired. I try to get him down in his crib as soon as he shows signs of being tired, rubbing eyes, fussy, etc. I have been nursing and swaddling to get him settled... although I am now trying to stop nursing him to sleep unless he is due for a feeding.
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  • My girls are three months old, but they were preemies, so they are not really three months old (if that makes sense).  They still sleep A LOT.  There is no real schedule yet for them.  I've most recently discovered that they both sleep much better if they are put down for a nap.  If I hold them, they have this sense that they need to stay awake and socialize with me or each other.  I can now tell when they are tired and need their nap, so I put them down.  They are asleep within minutes. But again - no real schedule.  At this age, I'm watching their cues for what they need and when.

    Congratulations on your LO!

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