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any one here been to ft rucker or currently there? I am relocating there with DH and a Lo with another on the way and want OB/gyn recomendations and pediatricians... that would be amazing TIA!!!!

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  • We're at the Mother Rucker now for our 2nd stint - first time with a LO.  I didn't give birth here but would recommend Dr. Middleton at Dothan OB & Gyn.  He's amazing! We also go to Dothan for our pedi.  We've seen Dr. Tamburin and Dr. Freeman at Dothan Pediatric Clinic and they were both great. Very reassuring doctors, and I never felt rushed or like my questions/concerns were stupid.  I also like Dothan Pedis because they have a sick kid waiting room and a well kid waiting room. Plus they have lots of doctors, so there's never an issue getting an appt. GL! 
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  • I and three other women I know used Cleveland and Gilcrest while we were there. They are both male doctors but have a female, Dr. Marker, in the practice as well. I saw Dr. Marker and loved her; while my friends saw the other two and loved them as well. Flowers Hospital in Dothan is also really nice.  At the time we were there you got to see an off post pediatrician for 30days after they were born. After that they received their care at the post clinic. I've heard that's changed or can depend on how busy Lyster clinic is.
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  • We used Dr Johnston at Womens healthcare of Dothan. She was great. I delivered at Flowers hospital. It was a very good experience. We go to Southeastern pediatrics of Dothan. I really like Dr Ashley there, but there are several doctors in their practice. I have never waited more than 15 minutes for my appts.
  • I am also at Fort Rucker and I highly recommend Dothan Obgyn. I see Dr. Phillips there though. I have seen Dr. Middleton and he is great, I just wanted a female. She delivered my toddler and is going to deliver this one. It is a bit of a drive but so worth it for great doctors. I also second having your baby at Flowers Hospital in Dothan. I delivered there and it is wonderful and super nice. I would try to steer clear of Enterprise.
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