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Are You Passing Any Heirlooms Down to Your LO?

Just curious if any of you all have special items that you will be handing down to your LO, ether from you or other family members.  I am hoping to bring my LO home in the same outfit my parents brought me home in.  That is if it fits... I was itty bitty and I'm not sure the outfit will fit her.  Just in case, I did find a special outfit of her own to wear.  And I will also give her my baby bracelet that my parents gave to me when they found out that I was expecting.  When she gets older, I have a few other special things to give her that were given to me by my nana who passed away many years ago and was very special to me. 

Re: Are You Passing Any Heirlooms Down to Your LO?

  • I'm making a Christening gown and tux out of my mother's wedding gown.  She lost her battle to cancer 9 years ago.  My mom was skinny and old fashioned.  I thought it would be nice to have Christening outfits that my brother and I could use and pass down to our children.  If they want to use them of course.
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  • My dad made a toddler bed for me when I was little, so when LO moves out of the crib, he'll be going to that bed.  Also, I have a dresser that was my grandmother's, my mom's, my  sister's, and mine that I will be using for his room when he's older.  (I'm getting a different dresser that's low enough for me to use as a changing table for now.)  

    And, I have a quilt that my other grandmother (my dad's mom, she passed before I was born)  made for my sister.  Then it was used for me, then my cousins, and when we found out we were expecting, my aunt gave it to me.  :)   I love heirloom items.


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  • This is not something that I am passing down; however, it is close.  My mother is going to create a nursery in her home for when we come and spend the weekends (and later when baby comes to spend the night).  She is going to use the same crib that I slept in as a baby.  My grandfather bought the crib, and it is the classic Winnie-the-Pooh.  I cannot wait to see it out again.
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  • We are hanging a picture that was given to me on my 1st birthday in the baby's nursery and using a coat rack (shaped like a teddy bear) that my uncle made.  We also have a few other items my uncle and my Mom made that will go in the room.  I will have about a million things to pass down to the baby as he/she gets older because our family is very sentimental about things like that!
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  • MH and I will be starting a heirloom - if that makes sense. For my birth present I received a diamond ring with DD's name engraved on the inside. When she is older and gets married I will pass the ring to her and she can use it as a wedding band or whatever. Then with any future children I will receive the same ring with their names engraved in it and they will have that ring given to them at a special moment. Maybe they will have to wait until I die - I really think the ring is quite beautiful and I'm actually kind of excited I will be able to stack the rings on my right hand this year already.
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  • DD will be getting the jewelry I wore for my wedding -- the necklace and earrings were purchased for me by DH and I also wore a garnet ring which is a family heirloom (my mom wore it as the "something old" at her wedding, and I did the same for my wedding). She's also getting my "heirloom" baby OshKosh overalls that were just like the ones my grandpa the farmer used to wear. :)

    I don't know if DS will be getting anything from me...the non-jewelry family heirlooms on my side of the family are going to my brother. If DH has any family heirlooms, he's never told me about them. I guess he can pass down the cufflinks I bought DH for our wedding.


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  • When I was in the Army, I was deployed to Afghanistan.  I spent some pretty big money buying a couple of authentic Afghan oriental rugs with the idea that I can pass them down to my children.  Other soldiers laughed at me for buying rugs instead of a new ipad, but we'll see which is around longer Wink
  • I hadn't made the connection between finding out we are team pink and my mom's tea party set until this thread!!  My mom had a beautiful rosebud tea set and her grandpa made a special cabinet to store/display the set.  She passed it on to me when I got old enough and now my daughter will get to play with it as well!  and now I'm going to cry. :)

    I think I might hold out for a granddaughter to pass on my grandma's necklace.  Her grandma gave it to her on her 13th birthday and then I got it on my 13th birthday.  It is still my favorite necklace (a warm brown "fairy cross": a square stone cross that my grandma's great uncle found in the woods ages ago.)  I love traditions!

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  • I gave DD my baby necklace that was given to me when I was born, and When she is older, probably when she gets married Ill pass down my Pearl necklace that was given to me  on my birthday before DH and I were married. Since we dont know what we are having yet this time around I may have to rethink some thing but we will see. Also I have several handmade crocheted blankets my DH and I have from childhood from family that we will pass down as well as some other things I cant think of at the moment.
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  • My LO is going to be changed on the same changing table that I was, made by my great-grandfather. She will also have the doll cradle and wooden carved trains that my grandfather made (both g-grandfather and grandfather were carpenters) and a pink and white crocheted afghan made by my great-grandmother. I feel so fortunate to be able to pass on these wonderful heirlooms. 
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  • I have a lot of different things I will be passing down. The traditional heirlooms is a Christening gown that my mom wore and I did as well. Also a ring my mom got for her 18th birthday and I got on my 16th birthday. And a pearl necklace and bracelet. I still haven't gotten all the heirlooms yet from my mom. I told her I wanted to wait since DH is in the military. 

    The other stuff I am going to pass down a lot sooner is my golden books and Mickey and Minne mouse stuff animals my great grandmother made for my mom. The golden books are something cute because every time I when my parent went to the store they would buy me one and read it to me. DH has a hand full of stuff his grandmother is giving us when stop by her place on trip "home" to Florida this summer.

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  • I haven't thought too much about this. There are a number of nice things I have that I'd like to pass down, especially things that were my sister's. I also have a gold bracelet that my Nana had given me and I wore on our wedding day that I will pass down. 

    The one thing I have thought about is my American Girl dolls. I have three of them, two of which I had saved up for myself when I was pretty young so I was always very proud of them. I've always known that would be a fun thing to pass down if I have a little girl :) 

  • I have a few things. My grandma made me and each of my cousins a Raggedy Ann doll when we were little. I have always cherished it and it sits in my office/soon to be nursery right now. Also, my grandpa made lots of wooden toys for us when we were you g and he's even surprised they are getting used again by my niece and nephew. I'm hoping my parents will givemy brother and I a few when they decide to pass them on. The most used toy he made is actually a marble ramp and my DH has been trying to recreate it for our own house.  I just love handmade gifts!

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