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TTM about Space A

If you have done it, what are some big pointers I should know? Also, how do you plan lodging, since you don't know until basically the last minute if you are actually going where you want to? TIA!

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  • Where are you and where are you trying to hop to? Will your husband be with you? Deployed? This will determine your category. You will need a command sponsorship letter fom your husbands commander if you are flying without him. Are you taking kiddos?

    KC135's only have jump seats (net seats folding out of the side. They can either be super hot or super cold. I suggest sleeping bags and pillows on these and sprawl on the floor providing there is no cargo or you can find a place among it.

    C130's are slow as shiz. I would avoid these if you have more than a couple hour flight.

    C5's and C17's break alot but are huge and pretty comfy from what I hear.

    KC10 is my personal favorite with airline seats and a proper toilet.

    The key to space A is to be patient and flexible. I love it and have traveled Oconus to conus with 2 little ones several times. As far as lodging you kind of just have to go with the flow.

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  • Most bases with Space A flights has a Facebook or regular webpage where they post FAQ and upcoming flight vacancies. I'd check into that.


    CJ 05/29/2013

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  • Everyone has pretty much said it very well. I think space A is ideal under the right circumstances 1) you aren't trying to fly during a high PCS or school break season 2) you have significant funds if needed to pay for lodging/food/transportation if needed 3) you are going on a frequent route ( the flight leaves once a week or every few days not something that is a once a month flight) 4) you have plenty of time and are flexible. 

    I flew from England to MD then bought a commercial flight on southwest from MD to OR. Southwest is pretty flexible with their tickets. 

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  • I have used Space A just under 10 times in the 3 years we were here.  The best on-line resource I have found is Dirk Pepperd's site.  It has the most up to date information on flights and other helpful hints then any other site I have looked at.

    Some of the things I have learned:

    1) Priority falls along 6 Catergories.  Spouses usually fit in two Cat III (deployed sponser) and Cat V (OCONUS spouse, sponsor not deployed).  Cat III goes ahead of Cat V. 

    2) However, when it comes to who is first in line within the Categories all depends on who got the letter of intent to fly first.  You do not need to provide specific dates, just the letter from the Commander authorizing your ability to fly. 

    For coming back to OCONUS, make sure you have sent your letter to every single AMC Terminal that may be going to your preferred base.  Send that letter the same time you send your letter for your flight out.

    3) Each letter from the Commander lasts 90 days.  You can get a 30 day extension...but be prepared to answer questions - NOT TO MENTION having OSI check on you to ensure that you suspended your COLA payments if you go over the 30 days.  We currently have 70+ investigations into spouses defrauding DoD

    4) Since you can only be out of country for 30 days, I always send my letter of intent 20-25 days before I expect to fly.  That gives me an edge on the other CAT V flyers. That gives me 30 extra days to get back, jic.

    5) How the flights work - This is hard to explain but only CAT III spouses can jump around CONUS Bases.  IE, Fly from Ramstein to Charleston.  Then the next day get on a Charleston Plane going to San Antonio. 

    A CAT V, can only take a flight from CONUS to its ending AMC Terminal (you can get off at any of the terminals the plane may stop and refuel). 

    Ex, Flight from Ramsteing goes to Charleston and then on to Eglin.  You can get off at Charleston or Eglin and that is it.  You cannot then catch a plane from Charleston or even Eglin and head to California.  Its to and from OCONUS if you are not accompanied by your Sponsor. 

    Now, if you are OCONUS, you can fly from England, Italy or Turkey  and then on to CONUS.

    5) I would rather fly the cargo planes then the Rotator, but I am usually going straight to VA, so BWI is it.  On the cargo planes, the kids can walk around and if there is room, you can lie down.  The only downside is its loud, cold and no food.

    6) Spangdahlem is the Germany Secret.  You can usually get out, into Charleston or McGuire, much easier than Ramstein into the US.  But its a bit harder coming back...




  • Oh gosh.....I'm so confused now. All this sounds so complicated. What do you mean that you can only stay out of the country for 30 days???

    My husband is deplying next month and I plan on going to Germany to see my family (I'm a German citizen). So where do I start? And what would be the best palce to fly out of? BWI? Dover AFB? (I live in VA).

    So if I wanna go to Germany again for Christmas I have to get another letter from the Command? And if its only good for 30 days what happens if I stay longer in Germany?????

    Sooooo confused right now!


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  • Your best bet to get to Ramstein or Spang would be through Dover in my opinion. 

    You need a command sponsor letter. That is the first step. Any command sponsorship letter I had was good for 90 days.

    As far as the 30 days out of country I believe that applies to overseas living only because of COLA.

    Space A is alot of trial and error. You HAVE to be flexible with your timetables. You may get a flight right away to Germany but it may take you weeks to get a flight back home.

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