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Just so excited!

Scheduled my induction today yay! Litlle baby girl will be here no later than June 1. I've scheduled my induction for May 31 so in 6 w 3 d I will be a mommy and I just can't wait. I hope it just flies by! Anyone else have theirs scheduled yet?
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Re: Just so excited!

  • I just got my c section scheduled for June 20th, so I've only got 9 weeks left!! Its definitely exciting to have the date set. I can't wait for DS to get here!
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  • I can't wait for my little one to come! I'm hoping to have a natural birth so fingers crossed that I won't have to have an induction or C-Section! I wish I knew when she was going to be here. I'm hoping she decides to come a bit early. My mom had all of her babies early. 
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  • I know that if DD doesn't arrive by the last week of May they will induce me due to GD. My doctor doesn't want me to go past 40 weeks, so she will be here the last week of May if not sooner! DS was 3 weeks early so I'm thinking I have between 4-6 weeks left at the most!
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  • I don't have anything scheduled. I am still waiting for an ultrasound to see if this LO has turned & how big they think he is going to be. But I have told my DH I don't think we'll make it past the end of may. 

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  • I'm scheduled for an induction or c-section on the 18th, if baby refuses to come on his/her own.  But, I have a feeling that this one is coming early or at least on time.  Fingers crossed.
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  • wow. I'm excited for you. I wish I knew when my little booger was going to come. Good luck!! 
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