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That might have been the worst night's sleep of my life...

...or should I say lack there of....

My insides literally felt like they were ON FIRE from my stomach to my chest. I took my heartburn pill before bed but that was the MOST intense night of reflux ever. I am on RX meds for it and they are starting to loose their effect I think. Then I was hot, then I was cold, then I was the host of an all night dance party. I finally just gave up and came downstairs.


I have to work this morning and I am SO tired. Anyone else feel like they are 38 weeks when only 31? I do.  

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Re: That might have been the worst night's sleep of my life...

  • I had a similar night, minus the heartburn (which I have had, just not last night). I tossed and turned for 3 or 4 hours last night before I finally fell asleep. I was just extremely uncomfortable in any position and I was super hot and sweating, even with the fan on full speed and the A/C running.
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  • I just had one of those nights...I had the worse heartburn ever and a crampy tummy. It was so hard to fall asleep and get comfortable. I made the mistake of forcing myself to finish my dinner because I could not believe that I was full off of 2 bites. Big mistake! I paid for it the whole night....



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  • I'm measuring ahead so I do! me me! 

    I'm sorry you've been so uncomfortable, though... 

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  • Last night I woke up to go to the loo and couldn't fall asleep again. Rolled around for 3 hours. Have just ordered a memory foam pregnancy pillow, the one for the WHOLE body. But also had sweats like previous poster mentioned, and we're going into winter here!
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  • No heartburn here, but I also had a rough night of sleep.  We were flying back from a wedding in CO at night, and our flight was delayed.  I made the mistake of indulging in TCBY with Butterfinger toppings while we waited.  Baby didn't stop moving, jabbing, kicking and punching the entire 2 hour flight, and then hours afterwards.  We got home from the airport around 2am this morning, Baby still grooving, and I had to get up for work this morning.  Aw-ful.  Usually his movements don't bother me when I sleep, but that must have been one sugary frozen yogurt.

    My deepest empathy. 

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