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First meeting fell through...

We showed up and waiting for 45 minutes before I finally called. The foster mom said she'd left me a message on Thursday, which I didn't get, that they couldn't meet us this weekend. Her friend's mom passed away and she was going to the funeral. I think it annoyed her that I was not very happy about it. She just kept saying "I left you a message". When I asked when we could re-schedule, she said she'd have to check her calendar. We were so upset. I haven't heard from our sw in weeks and every time I try to contact their sw, no answer. It's getting very frustrating. I'm just very worried that when they have the hearing next week, if the rights are terminated, they're going to want us to take the kids immediately. We were really hoping for something of a transition period for the kids, for us and for our dogs too. We wanted to see how they'd do together. Now I'm afraid we won't get that. So disappointing...

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Re: First meeting fell through...

  • I'm so sorry the visit fell though. Hopefully the foster parents will be able to work with you and you can meet with them soon. I think there's usually a number of gradual visits that they do so that the kids will feel comfortable. Good Luck!

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