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spent afternoon at the doctor..

Last night I was having some cramping and pressure. I chaulked it up to not drinking enough water yesterday and went to bed. This morning I woke up and still felt a ton of pressure so I called the nurses kine. Theyhad me come in and did an internal ultrasound (gah!) And the cervix looked good. Hooked me up to the monitors, no contractions. Cervical check, not dialated. Finally an ultrasound revealed that she had turned breech. The cramping I felt last night was her making her move, and the pressure I feel is her head in my ribs. Good God! I had juuust started to mentally prepare myself for a VBAC, too..crossing my fingers this turd decides to flip. The PA I saw suggested shining a light up my vag to try to guide her hesd down there. Omg.
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Re: spent afternoon at the doctor..

  • Yikes! Sorry about that. So they don't usually change position after week 30-something? I was wondering about that.
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  • My Dr told me yesterday they change position all the time still. My LO was head down at 30 weeks & is semi sideways now.
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  • Ew, I'm sorry you had such a stressful day. That's never any fun. I was having some cramping and back pain last night too, but once I laid down for awhile it seemed to stop. I was hoping I wouldn't have to go to the doctor. I hate internals. lol
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  • A flashlight? That sounds interesting. I'm sure you've heard this, but you might want to try spinningbabies.com

    I hope she flips again for you.

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  • I hope LO flips for you. LOL @ the flashlight suggestion!
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  • My daughter spent a fair bit of time breech and transverse up until 36 when she finally flipped head down.  Transverse was the worst.  My poor belly was stretched to the max with a head on one side and a butt on the other.  Hope your LO flips again and stays!
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  • Glad that things going well- all things considered. 

    Heres hoping she flips again.  

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  • Hope she turns for you... but the suggestion of shining a light up your vag made me LOL! Is this a common practice? No longer can you say that it is someplace where the sun don't shine... :)

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