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Last few weeks...

Our Birthmom is due May 5th but she is having some medical complications so we are wondering if they will induce her early.  In the meantime, I have decided to go crazy.  Can't imagine what an emotional wreck I will be during the 3 day waiting period after birth. EEEEEEK!  It looks like these birth parents are set on their decision, but you never know...  Someone please knock me out and wake me when she's born.

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  • The best of luck-and peace--to you in the coming weeks!

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  • I TOTALLY understand.  The last week before DD was born I didn't sleep.  Between anxiety/fear of a failed match and being anxious that BM would go into labor at any second, the last week or two before she was born i was a mess!

    Try to occupy yourself with non-baby related things.  I got my hair done, eyebrows waxed, all that maintenance stuff- which was great because it was a LllOooNnnGgg time before I had time for that again!  Go on dates with DH, spend time with girl friends, and take a few long hot baths.  Get your house clean, do laundry, freeze meals, things like that to keep yourself occupied that aren't directly baby related.

    Honestly te 72 hours went fairly quick for us caring for a newborn (other then the last few hours before signing).  Good luck! 

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  • I hear you!! EM is due April 26th and I'm so excited/anxious/stressed! We have a 7-10 waiting period while paternity is being tested. Fortunately I'm only 45 minutes away from baby's cradle care home.

     I'm nesting like crazy! I agree with the PP- keep yourself busy with other things. Hopefully we'll be holding our sweet babies soon.



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  • Thanks everyone for the support!  She will be induced April 23rd for a possible birthdate of 4 - 23/24.  Hopefully she'll deliver even earlier than that!  She's 37 weeks now so we're good to go.  :) 
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