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Couple of things...

Hey Mommies 2B!!

We FINALLY found a name we both like! What do you think of Kehan (Ki-an)? It's really the only one we both fancied, and the more I think of it, the more I like it! It grows on you... I know the spelling is unusual but we live in South Africa and Kian would be more easily pronounced if spelled Kehan (we are Afrikaans).

Then, even though big sis (5) is verrrrrrry excited for her little bro to arrive, she has always been one who loves attention and needs lots of cuddles and kisses. Any advice to make her not feel like an outsider once baby arrives?

 I am so excited I'm literally counting the days, but I still get moments of feeling overwhelmed. I didn't have this feeling with my previous pregnancies. Anyone else have these moments?

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Re: Couple of things...

  • I am loving Kehan.  Excellent choice and a honor to your heritage.  And I love the middle name too.  

    Our DS is 3 and at first seemed okay with having a little sister on the way.  However this weekend after our shower, he was quite put off by all the things that were for baby and not him.  He even pushed the diaper cake off the table.  We were prepared and gave him some gifts as well, saying as the big brother, he needed to be ready too.  So he got some t-shirts, new books, and a new truck.  We also have him scheduled for a sibling class.  When baby comes, we will have a gift from her to him.  Kinda like a peace offering lol.

    Just include DD in things and still set some extra time for her before baby comes.  Have her help put things away in the room.  I had DS help me arrange her clothes and the diaper cake he destroyed. He was rather tickled at the small diapers. 

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  • Love the name, very unique & different. I am all about kids having their own names. As for you DD the best you can do is include her as much as possible. Make time for her before LO arrives & also try to be sure that after LO arrives that there is someone who can spend time with her while you are with LO.  My youngest will be 3 when this LO comes & our plan is that if I am with LO then someone, either DH or my older 2 DDs will give her some one on one time till I can give her attention. I am totally expecting to have there be times where I have both her & LO on my lap, but I think the adjustment will be ok.
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