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Really uncomfortable tonight....

I dont know what it is, but this afternoon and evening i have been so uncomfortable its crazy.  Between the groin pain that was a constant for like 2 hours and now the rib pain that just wont give in.  Little one has been moving so I know she is okay, just wish this mommy felt better and didnt feel so miserable tonight! 

Any of you other ladies have nights or days like this?


Re: Really uncomfortable tonight....

  • yes :( and it sucks. then when your feet are really swollen and you prop them up and they start throbbing :(. I hope you feel better.
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  • yeah my feet and legs have been like that too for the last few days!  especially when i wake up in the morning my legs hurt horrid for some reason.
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  • Yes!!!  Feel like crawling out of my skin!!
  • Yes for the past week my right side hurts so bad by my ribs, underneath my chest. I am carrying super high and I can feel him kick right there.  Yesterday my dr. said the pain is caused from the baby and an inflamed diaphragm.I also sit 40 hours a week behind a desk and I am just so miserable. Also, my right foot kills and feels like I am walking on needles when I walk for the past month. So it hurts to sit and stand....I am laying down the rest of the weekend!



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  • YES! Today/tonight is sooo one of those days. DH had something to do after work tonight and wont be home until late so I've been with the LOs all day AND I'm getting a bad cold, so I've felt kinda rotten all day. Baby's been in my ribs like crazy, I've been having BHs, and my upper back/neck/shoulder blades have been so sore (due to the oncoming illness I'm pretty sure...)  Early to bed tonight! 
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  • I feel like I have a 200lb man sitting on my chest making it hard to breathe. And this acid reflux gets so bad I want to cry. When they are both going at the same time- that's the only time I turn into a cranky pregnant lady. 
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  • That was me yesterday.  I was just very tired and feeling out of breath.  I napped for 3 hours on the couch.  So did DH, so he didn't complain. hehe :)
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