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crazy baby!

LO is super active right now.  I look down and it looks like there is an alien in my tummy!!! LOL



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Re: crazy baby!

  • OMG that picture scares me!
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  • I feel like this everyday. I swear he is trying to swim laps or do jumping jacks in my belly!

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  • This is exactly how I feel!  It pushes so hard I think it's trying to break out through my belly button!

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  • My stomach looked like that yesterday!!
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  • Yep, my boy does that sort of thing only between the hrs of 5pm and 7pm. Silly baby.
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  • imagePregNerd:
    OMG that picture scares me!

    Me too!! That movie scared the sh!t outta me as a kid.

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  • My LO is super active during the day.. but when her daddy gets home and she hears his voice, it gets so much worse! I had to tell him to shut it last night because I thought she was going to burst out of my stomach, and I can only pee myself so many times in one day and still feel like an adult.
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  • hahaha thats what ava looked like this morning I swear she was back and forth my stomach all morning my dog started freaking out hahaha
  • This is how I feel!!!  Scary!
  • Yikes, that's nightmare worthy.
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  • imagePregNerd:
    OMG that picture scares me!

    Uh, yeah. 

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