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If you look good, you feel good

My mom was super sweet and took me to have my hair done just before my shower - she wanted me to look good and be comfortable, and it helped get me out of her house while they were doing setup.

I needed a trim, but had put it off since I knew my mom was treating me. Well - the stylists - she didn't just trim my hair. She put her own 'flair' on it and now I hate it. I LOVED the cut I had before - it was growing out really well and was really flattering. And now - now I cry almost everytime I look in a mirror. I HATE the way this woman butchered my hair. I gave it almost a full week to make sure that I wasn't making any rash/hormonal decisions - everyone says it's 'not that bad' or 'looks fine' - but I don't want fine. I was awesome, beautiful, great hair. 

I can't control my body changing, but I can control what my hair looks like. So tomorrow morning - 815am - I go to get this massacre fixed. And I cannot wait. 

I mean, if hats were workplace appropriate I would have been hiding under one all week. And having horrible hair is making my body issues worse. I've really struggled this week so I am doing something to make me feel better about myself and make it so I hopefully don't cry so much. 

What have you ladies done about bad cuts?  Or done to make yourself feel good about the way you look?

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Re: If you look good, you feel good

  • I'm sorry that happened to you. It sucks! I know i've had a tone over the years from stylist not knowing how to cut my hair (i have very curly, unruley locks).

    I am so swollen and bloated that the only thing that makes me feel better is that i can fit into a couple od my pre-preg shirts (these are the really flowy/hippy ones, but still) and when I do my make up (which isn't to often as I am ussually running late from over sleeping due to not sleeping at night)

    Oh and jewlery (aside from rings which i cannot fit on my fat fingers). Tongue Tied

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  • I don't really have any good advice...I have gone and gotten my hair cut and hated it once I got home. It grew on me the more it actually grew. 

    I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience! Good luck tomorrow!


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  • Just before we were going to have our engagement pictures taken, I went to a hair place I had never been before to get a trim.   The stylist asked if I wanted layers, and I said a few were fine, but that I was keeping my hair long since we were getting married in 4 months.   Every other time I had layers, they just layered the ends a little for me so that my hair layed better (I have really thick hair).   This girl started cutting all kinds of short choppy layers and cut so much bulk out of my hair that I cried when I got home.   I'm sure it looked good to other people, but to me I felt like all my hair was gone and with our pictures a few days later I didn't know what to do with my hair.....the pictures turned out fine, but it took me a really long time to get used to the haircut and when I see the pictures it reminds me of how upsetting it was to me.  

    My hair eventually grew out for the wedding and I was somewhat able to have the style I wanted, but it still upsets me how I let the stylist take over.   I can only imagine how worse it feels being pregnant....just keep reminding yourself that it looks worse to you than to others, and hopefully with your new hair appt you can work something out that you will like yourself....good luck!

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  • I'm beyond hope at this point.  I think the last time I thought I looked good was in February.

    I got one trim on my hair in December, but it was just a tiny trim.  I promised myself no haircuts during pregnancy and I'm so glad I stuck with that.

    I have had some really tragic haircuts in my past and unfortunately the only thing to do is grin and bear it.  The beauty of hair is that it does eventually grow back and it's usually not as bad as you think it is.  Smile

  • I got a "mommy" cut & have spoiled myself with salon colors a couple times this pregnancy...which I would NEVER do before!
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