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How long after "bloody show" did labor start?

I didn't have this with DS1 but I just had it now.  I'm freaking out because my LO has the stomach flu and is vomiting, etc. and needs mommy.  Of course, this would happen tonight!
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Re: How long after "bloody show" did labor start?

  • For me, active labor started within 24 hours (almost exactly 24 hours). Early labor began 12 hours later. Sorry to hear your DS is sick!

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  • For me, I was in labor within 2hrs of having a bloody show and I went into active labor within that time as well. Things progressed very quickly for me though and my baby was born after 7.5hrs of labor. Hopefully things won't happen that quick for you, considering your son is ill. GL.

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  • I started having show on Tuesday... Didn't go into labor until Sunday. 
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  • I was in labor when I got my bloody show and active labor maybe 2-3 hours later.

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  • It happened for me after my water broke and my first contractions started.  I went to the hospital right away because there was meconium in my water.  I was dilating about a cm every hour until they found the baby breech and did a C/S.

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  • With DD1 I had a bloody show, and early labour started within 4 hours. Active labour started within 30hours.
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  • I was holding my baby 13 hours later. 
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  • Never had one! 
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  • Early labor 2 hours active labor 9...was holding him at 12 hours post bloody show!  I had a bloody show with my DD and had to be induced two weeks later!
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  • With DS1 I was already in labor. With DS2, active labor began 9 hours later.  Good luck hope your son gets better quickly!

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  • Didn't have it with DS, but I went into labor within 12 hours with DD. it was the middle of the night after my due date and she was born the next day at 40w1d. Good luck!
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  • Had my bloody show on Friday and delivered on Monday at 4:08 pm.  So almost 4 days later. Although I had contractions every 30 - 60 minutes that entire weekend, I didn't start active labor until 9:30 on Sunday night.
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  • Right away with both.  

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  • With LO #1 early first stage started a day later. With LO #2 I woke up to bloody show, broken water, and very active labor. Good luck!
  • I went into labor that day with both pregnancies 
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