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Just found out yesterday...

That we will be adopting Owl and Apple! 

TPR hearing is set for August, moms services have already been terminated, no family wants to take them so we are being "considered" as the adoptive family (just means they need to look over our homestudy).

We are elated!

Re: Just found out yesterday...

  • That's wonderful news!  I hope everything goes smoothly and you can make everything "official" ASAP!
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  • That is wonderful news !I am so happy Owl and Apple will be getting lots of love and stability.
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  • That's great! Congratulations!! Hope everything goes smoothly!

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  • awww congrats! and GL
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  • Yay!!!!
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  • That's great news!  Congrats!!!  Best wishes for smooth sailing through the rest of the process!
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  • Yay!!!
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  • Congrats!
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  • Wonderful news!  Congratulations mamas!! :)
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