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One year ago yesterday...

My sweet little girl was born! I had NO clue until 2 weeks later (after revocation was over) when we found out about her, got to meet her, and found out we could pick her up to take her home the next morning. I can't believe she is already 1.

For those of you still waiting, don't give up hope! It could happen ANY DAY and I PROMISE it will be amazing when it does! We had 4 failed matches (all with boys) and I am so thankful that none of those matches worked out.



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Re: One year ago yesterday...

  • Yay!! Happy birthday k!!
    Married on 3.20.2004. It took 30 month, 2 failed adoptions and IVF for our first miracle. We have had 9 foster kids since he was born and started the domestic adoption process when he was 10 month old, we had 4 failed matches in that time. After our daughter was born we brought her home and spent 2 weeks fearing we might lose her because of complications that came up. But Praise God all went through and she is ours forever! Expecting again after IVF Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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