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Ideal time to have shower?

How far along were you/are you going to be when you have your shower? 



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Re: Ideal time to have shower?

  • I'm pretty sure I was 29 weeks, I thought we did it a bit early (idk?) but it was because my pregnancy was high risk and therefore wasn't sure when I was going to deliver--which ended up being at 38 weeks.
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  • I heard people usually have it 7 months on...
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  • I will be 34 weeks.
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  • I had 3 showers and the first one I think I was like 34, second one I was like 36 and the last one was just a couple of weeks before I delivered.  We still had plenty of time to buy anything else we needed plus get things washed and the nursery set up.  I was working full-time up until the day I delivered as well.
  • I'll be 34 weeks at mine....I would preferred it a week or 2 sooner, but not much I can do about it. 
  • I will be 33 weeks at mine. It's just the right time IMO because then I will have time to sort, organize, wash, and then do my completion shopping. My mom wanted to have it closer to like 37 weeks, but I told her I wasn't comfortable having it that late! St. Patty's Day will be extra special this year :)

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  • My shower was at 37 weeks!! Aughh, I'm due in 3 days now.  It just worked out that way with the holidays and all. I was able to get everything done after my showers, but I wouldn't recommend waiting that long.
  • I'll be 30 weeks.  I was lucky and my sister asked me when I'd prefer to have it.  This will leave me with plenty of time to continue getting ready.
  • Thanks for all of the responses!!! :)
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  • I will be having 3 and the first one is tomorrow at 32 weeks and then one at 33 weeks (office shower) and the last one at 36 weeks.
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  • Mine was at 35 weeks. To have it a few weeks earlier may have been nicer, as I'm sure I would have been less monstrous and sweaty, but this was the best date for the hostess who threw me the shower. I think any later than 36 weeks, you are cutting it a little bit close - not just because you could go into early labor, but b/c you will just be downright tired and uncomfortable. :0)
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  • i want it to be when im far enough along that i look pregnant

    cause right now i really dont feel it haha 

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  • I will be about 30 & 32 weeks at my showers.
    I think this is a good time for me because then I have time to get things that we'll need before the baby is born, set things up, wash all the clothing, ect.
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  • I will be 30 weeks and 32 weeks at mine. I think that is a perfect time. I will be big enough for everyone to be happy (I hear they like big pregnant bellies at baby showers) and I will still be comfortable myself and still have time to prepare for baby ava

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