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What was I thinking..

So yesterday evening, I thought I was "SUPERWOMAN"! lolol DH was going to be away, for a family emergency. So when I got in from work, I cooked dinner (chicken alfredo) for my boys. Then I started to clean the stove, the counters, the fridge & the bathroom downstairs.... IndifferentConfused So I did not stop there (why would I, crazy woman)! I made my way upstairs & cleaned the boys bathroom, vacuumed ALL of up stairs. Cleaned one of the boys room (his room always smells like a locker room to me) uuuggghh!! And of course I DID NOT stop there, I move on to my bedroom & dusted & cleaned our bathroom. Gave my youngest one a bathroom, read him 2 books, check my oldest one homework, washed my hair & was in bed @ 10:30pm. WTF was I thinking, MY va jay-jay, back, hips, feet or on FIRE today sitting at my desk. Good news is when DH walks into that house today he is either going say, "what a awesome wife I have", or "WTF was she thinking." hehehe Good day Ladies!! Big Smile



Re: What was I thinking..

  • Wow!!! Good for you, but sorry you hurt! My back hurts just thinking about all of that! I can only do cleaning in short burst because my hips and back start aching so fast! Hope you feel a bit better as the day goes on...maybe today its time to relax lol!
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  • WinkThanks! I will try.



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  • Send some of that crazy vibe my way! 
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  • imagedevious1031:
    Send some of that crazy vibe my way! 

    Sure u can have it all!!! Smile



  • I had the exact same thing happen last week. I was suddenly ready and pumped to clean the whole house and I felt like absolute death the next day. I spent ALL of last Sunday on the couch to recover.
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