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What do you do for work?

 So...what does everyone do for work and what is your schedule?    is anyone in Human Resources?

I'm one of those nosey people that likes to know what everyone's up to :)

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Re: What do you do for work?

  • Corporate Acct'g 7a-4:15p and longer hrs during month end.
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  • I teach 3rd grade; 7am-4pm...on spring break right now! :)
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  • Admin associate for an RIA investment company.  I work M &F 9:30-6:00, T & TR 7:45-6:00 and Wed 7:30-11:30am
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  • CPA / Corporate Taxes

    40 hours a week in the office + work at night/weekends from home during busy season

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  • KL777KL777 member
    Academic Administrator 8-5 pm--- four days weeks 1 and 3/five days weeks 2 and 4 .

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  • Medical Technologist, work in Flow Cytometry.  M-F 8a to 4:30p and one Saturday a month.
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  • Nurse practitioner at a college. Mon thru fri 9-5. When school's closed, I'm off. :-)
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  • Government attorney.  7-3:30 M-F.

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  • Human Resource and Accounts Receivable  7a-5p M-F plus whatever I take home on weekends
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  • I'm a doc.  I'm lucky to be working M, T, T, F from 7-5.  The hours are great.

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  • USAF, 7a-4p, unless we are doing a training exercise and then it's 7a-7p
  • Financial industry compliance
  • Fed government analyst in immigration 8AM - 4:30PM one day of telework a week which I love!

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  • Case scheduling clerk 8:30a - 5p, M-F  I'd die without my weekends. 
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  • I am an attorney, and I practice litigation.  I work 3 full days a week, M, W, and F.
  • Librarian.

    M-F, 8-5 plus 4-5 multi-day business trips each year

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  • Elementary music teacher.  I get to work around 6:30am and leave with students around 3pm.  I have a "normal" teacher schedule with holidays and summer vacation - of course I take work home, and also do work over those breaks.

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  • Administrator for university study abroad office. During the academic year I work a special 8am to 4:30 (the official schedule is 8:30 to 5, I love my boss). During winter break and summer break it is 8am to 4pm for everyone.
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  • jlaOKjlaOK member
    Civil engineer for a consulting firm. Right now I work T, W, Th 8-4:30 but starting in May I'll work M-Th 8-4:30.
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  • Benefits administration for a transportation company. 8:00 - 4:30, M - F.
  • Graphic designer/web developer. 9-5, with the occasional hour in front of the computer in the evening after the baby is in bed.
  • I'm a Designer (Print & Web) I work M-F 7-330
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  • Exec Asst at a large financial company.

    M-F 8:15-5. Love bankers hours!

  • Attorney. Working 9-5:30 these days, skipping lunch.  

  • Technical writer/editor. I work M-F 8-5; occasionally I'll have an early (7:00) meeting or a late (6:00) meeting.
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  • I'm an RN on a high-acuity Oncology unit.

    I work 3 12-hour shifts a week 7a-7p. However, I get there at 6:30am and usually dont leave until 7:30pm. We work every 3rd weekend and many holidays. I am SO JEALOUS of all you Monday-Friday people!!! I am trying so hard to get back to that schedule as an RN. If I miss one more Christmas morning with my family I am going to explode.

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  • I do Human Resources for automotive dealerships.  VERY intersting.  My schedule is M-F, 9ish to 5ish.
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  • I'm an L&D nurse.  I work 3 12's per week on nights.
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  • I manage the residential living housekeeping department at a large univeristy. M-F 7-3.30.
  • Volunteer manager at a women's domestic violence shelter. I work 8:30am-5pm M-F and we each do 4 12 hour on call shifts per month. Hopefully finding something different soon as I am burnt out.
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  • Community College Staff (Financial Aid Office)

    7:30-4:30 M-TH, and till 2:00 on Fridays.

    However, our summer semester hours will change to Mon-Thurs 7:30-6:00 and off on Fridays. I am going to ask to work 6-4:30 during summer though. I would hate to not get home until 6:30 every night.

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  • I'm in corporate accounting, my hours during busy season are 8-6ish and work Saturdays 8-2 (entire month of June and first week of July are particularly hellish), but the rest of the year (aka not the summer), I work generally from 8:30-5:00. It's a trade-off...
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  • I do Quality Assurance. Basically testing and looking for mistakes. It's great for someone who can be pretty nit-picky.  Smile
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  • Civil Engineer.  I typcially work 7:30 to 4:30, but my workplace is super flexible.

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  • I work in product and project management for a large financial services company.  I don't have set hours, but end up working M-F from about 830-6pm and whatever evening / weekend work I have to do to catch up.  I work three days a week from home, so no commuting those days.  I have over an hr commute each way the two days I go into the office.
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  • I work for a mortgage company handling corrections, fee and legal issues coming back from every county in every state in the United States.

    My hours change every week.  M-F 7-4 and then M-F 8-5 with occasional (voluntary) overtime.  Off on normal bank holidays.

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  • Psychologist and supervisior of a county office of a Community Mental Health Center.  I work 8:30 to 5 M-F, sometimes I get lunch and do contract on-call 4 to 5 days a month. 
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  • Government attorney. I have a cyclical yearly schedule. I work M-F. 4 months a year is our slow season so we work 8-4. Then for 3 months it ramps up to 8 to 4:30. Then for 5 months of our busy season it is assumed 8-4:30 but we're basically oncall at any time, nights, weekends, whatever. It is very stressful dealing with daycare during these times, but luckily DH works bankers hours and is able to tow the line. 
  • I am a mental health therapist at an agency that services adults with developmental disabilities. I work Tuesday-Friday 4 10 hour days however I make my own schedule and few hours are after DS is in bed so my day is split up.
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  • EcyEcy member

    I teach high school English & Communication Applications. My class hours are 8:10am - 11:10am, 11:45am - 12:55pm, and 1:00pm - 3:45pm. Then of course I work outside of those hours planning lessons, grading, completing school paperwork and any additional duties asked of me by my district.

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