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weird seizure question

Does anyone notice a growth spurt in abilities after your DC has a seizure?  I'm not being very scientific at all.  It seems DS has had a little spurt in speech after each of his 3 seizures.  He had one last monday, and is putting more and more 3 word phrases together.  He's also starting to talk about things that happened a different day that are more abstract if that makes sense.  I guess a brain growth spurt is just me trying to put a positive spin on things...

Re: weird seizure question

  • I've not noticed that at all.  In fact, I noticed that my little one kinda stalled in development.  He has grown but not as much as what a typical developing child would be.  Sorry...
  • Yeah, mine is totally opposite.  They kind of regress after a seizure.  But it's good for you if he does that good after a seizure!
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