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Hi everyone,

 My H and I are PCSing to Fort Lewis in a few weeks and I will be about 18 weeks pregnant when we do.  Has anyone delivered here?  Would you recommend Madigan or an off-post hospital?  Any advice would be great!


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Re: Fort Lewis

  • I've not delivered a baby, seeing as this is our first.  But I was born at Madigan.  My mom hasn't said anything bad about that hospital, she has said bad things about the one in Hawaii though.

    Hopefully that helps! 

  • I wasn't pregnant there but I just wanted to say that I am jealous! My husband and I loved it there and we'd give anything to go back! Make sure to go to mount Rainer at least once while you're there, it's amazing. :)
    Wish I could be of some actual help to you!
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  • I'm at lewis right now, but I'm a FTM.  I currently have all my appointments at Madigan.  I don't have any complaints about it.  I have heard both ways equally though.  I'm just going through with Madigan because my husband is right there and can make it to the hospital easily if I go into labor while he is at work.
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  • I'm here @ Ft. Lewis and although I haven't had LO yet, I do have a friend that delivered there a few days before I found out I was pregnant.

    Her  complaints were: 



    Never saw the same doctor twice

    Long waiting periods for getting apts




     Had to share a room

    All visitors (even her H) had to leave at 10 pm (even on the day the baby is born) and can't return until 9 am.


    Good stuff:

    Close proximity

    nice staff

    decent food




    I, myself, really hated the idea of sharing a room and the whole "husband has to leave" deal didn't sit right with DH and I so I switched to Tricare Standard, went off post to a place called Pearl Place Women's care (they are midwives) and will be having LO at St. Joe's. Its a beautiful place about 20 minutes from post.... the delivery suites and recovery suites are huge and private, the staff is great, they are very NB friendly (they even have tubs)  ...and they have room service (free!) All we have to pay is $16.50 per day for the hospital stay...totally worth it to me!



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  • I am 24 weeks and go to a doctor off base. It's Dr Wong at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup. It's about 20 min from base but I've really enjoyed my doctor and the hospital has all new birthing units that are very nice. Unfortunately my husband will be deploying before I deliver and I'll be going home near family, and I'm actually disappointed I have to deliver at a different hospital with a new doctor because my experiences here have been so nice. 
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  • Thank you so much everyone!!!  I really appreciate all the advice!
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  • I'm currently stationed at Fort Lewis and have been seen off post for the duration of my pregnancy. Like any MTF, it's hit or miss when it comes to good and bad experiences. I was one of the unlucky ones to have a horrible experience pre-pregnancy and during infertility treatments. I switched the Standard so I could be seen off post and couldn't be happier. I am using a midwife at St. Joseph's in Tacoma. Here is a link to a group on FB that you can ask more questions. :)

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  • I PCS'd to JBLM when I was about 6 mos.  I was considered high risk.  I did not see the same doc twice before delivery but I had wonderful care the whole time.  The delivery team was amazing.  MH slept in the room with me (I had a private room) the entire time.  I was very pleased.  Amy even had her own care team! 
    As for JBLM, I hate it.  I wish I had never come to this godforsaken post.  Miserable weather.  Miserable.  Blech. 
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  • I had my second here on post. I saw Family Medicine instead of OB. At first I was not thrilled about it. But I enjoyed my experience. I saw the same dr every appointment unless he was on leave. Plus he is my normal PCM so it just worked great. He even happened to be on duty when I went into labor so he delivered my son. Which was nice. My labor was so fast so over all experience while in labor not able to comment on. As we got to the hospital and less then 10 minutes later DS was born. But after he was born staff was great. They let me nurse DS as long as I wanted before doing any tests. Supported all my wishes (which were not a lot) but great staff and nice. 

    It did have a roommate when I first got to my room(4am) but she left so it was just me and DS most of the time. Then later that night/early morning I got another roommate but then I left that day too.

    I was not thrilled about not having DH with me over night but he was back the next morning at 7am and I was discharged about 11am So it really was't bad at all. 

    I really didn't have a unpleasant experience at all. They were great had 1 nurse who was annoying and had to ask for my pain medication more then once a few times but overall it wasn't bad.


    Now the ultrasound department here sucks. I see they are now referring people off post thank god. Because I went in at 15 weeks to schedule my 20 week scan and I didn't get seen till 29 weeks. 

  • I had DD1 there and was seen for half of my pregnancy with DD2, I was really bummed to be PCSing so my PCM couldn't deliver my second baby too.  We stayed with family med which was great because the doctor I saw through out (almost always saw him) was my doctor and my daughter's doctor.

    The delivery was great, everyone was super nice and I had no complaints other than sharing a room one of the two nights.  

    Like PP said, no matter where you go you will hear good and bad experiences, for me, I was very happy and wish I could have had my second daughter there as well. 

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