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I have 200+ SAHM friends...

I have 200+ SAHM friends because for the past 2 1/2 years I have put forth the effort to stay involved in two local Support Groups (meeting up almost every single day with some one and enrolling our children in the same activities) and have met in person 99% of the women on my local Bump Baby Board over the last 5 years, most of us having known each other since we were planning our weddings. 

For all that were curious.  :)

And for those of you who think that it's "bizare" that I have so many friends, such a wonderful Network... I'm sorry you're so jealous!

Everyone here is entitled to their opinion but I think it's just pathetic and sad that some of you come here just tear people down.  Why are you even on this board?

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Re: I have 200+ SAHM friends...

  • Did I miss something? ?Why all the hostility??
  • imageellemoney:):
    Did I miss something?  Why all the hostility?

    Ugh... I knew I forgot something!  ;)

    In the "Anyone else living off savings" post below, I was made to feel like shit because I have 200+ SAHM friends, that I was only pointing out in reference to her question about being prepared financially for a baby.  I didn't want to highjack her post with this so, I started a new post so I could be flamed here instead.

    eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

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  • imageTobeMrs.Shavers:

    so I could be flamed here instead.?


    LOL. ? ?

  • Wow- that's a lot of people. I don't even think I know 200 people, let alone SAHM's. But I agree it's important to network and not isolate yourself. I've become friends with several members of my MOMS club. Our 3 year olds (who are nearly 4) have been getting together for playgroups since they were barely walking. Now most of us have new babies that will play together, too.
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  • I read how you got flamed. I didnt find it bizarre at all though that you knew so many people. I figured you belonged to all sort of groups and just have met many people along the way. I try and not step into the drama on these boards for the most part because sometimes people take things overboard.

     My DH and I certainly didnt budget correctly before having this baby and here we are managing through life. Could things have been easier had we taken better care of our money in the past? Absolutely! However it is what it is at this point and really I'm very happy where I'm at in life. I may not have money to go out and have my fun much, but I'm at home with DD and that's all I ever wanted. 

    BTW, I was mainly a lurker for a while, and you are the one that kept this board as much of a non-Chacha board as possible for a while. Thanks!

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  • That is great that you have such a large sahm network.  My kids are older now 8 & 5 and I have met some other wonderful sahm's from our school.  But it took me until my oldest started Kindergarten to actually meet other sahm's.  It sure would have made some of the weeks go by especially during the long cold winters if I had known of mom groups.  Smile
  • haha I'm not even jealous.  I want to take a NAP thinking of how tiring it would be for me to have 200 SAHM friends (plus all my other friends.)  I can't imagine going out with someone every day.  :)

    We live a pretty simple life and I like it that way.  I am an extrovert, but I am also into quality friends over tons of friends...always been "wired" that way even though sometimes I think quantity would be fun.  I spend 2 days a week in a moms group and they do social stuff outside it and I rarely go. My son was also extremely shy until more recently so it wouldn't even be fun.  And with two kids it is SO hard to equally entertain both in public.  It's getting better though!

    Your "200+" reminds me though of how moms sit and count how many words their kids know.  I so don't care either way and can't imagine the brain power to sit and count the # of words my kid knows.  :P

     I want people to be happy and it sounds like you are honestly happy!  It's like you get to live the fun side of college life with tons of people at easy access and it sounds like you have the energy, your kid(s) honestly love it,  and interest in that (and the cash to be out every day)

    Yay for diversity of moms!


  • imageElizabethD:

    haha I'm not even jealous.  I want to take a NAP thinking of how tiring it would be for me to have 200 SAHM friends (plus all my other friends.)  I can't imagine going out with someone every day.  :)

    Yeah, that.  A lot.  Yes  I might have 200 acquaintances if I sat down and thought about it, but eff that.  Good for you, though!   

  • I can vouch for about 75 of your SAHM friends and I know your other involvements, so 200 is probably about right.  
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  • Good for you, I guess?  I am exhausted just thinking of having 200+ "friends" - so not for me.  I prefer quality over quantity.
  • There's no way I could remember that many names....
  • I was shocked at how rude people were to you in that post. It was completely uncalled for let alone totally irrelevant to the point being made. I also just assumed you were in a lot of groups and did a lot of networking. Why someone would, A) care, or B) go out of their way to criticize you for it, is beyond comprehension. I'm surprised you even came back here - that might have been the last post I made if people had been so cruel to me. Have a great day and totally disregard the negative statements that jealous people make. People criticize that in others which they dislike in themselves.

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  • imagecitygirl_:
    Good for you, I guess?? I am exhausted just thinking of having 200+ "friends" - so not for me.? I prefer quality over quantity.


    Just because someone has a lot of friends or knows a lot of SAHMs doesn't mean that they don't have good quality friendships. I'm surprised this concept would be used because it's often what I hear from people when they try to make a comment about me being a SAHM. I have heard several people say, that they would rather have quality time with their kids rather than quantity as if to imply that because I have a lot of time with my son, it must not be quality time. I find your frustration with her having a lot of friends "bizarro". ?I think that's the very creative word you used in previous posting.?


  • Yes, I said bizarre.  I can't comprehend needing, wanting, or having 200+ friends and I truly don't believe you can have quality relationships with 200+ people.  Just my opinion.  End of story.

  • Oh ok so these are internet friends and people you meet at baby bowling.

    This makes sense. 

    Yes, colour me jealous.  Bahahahaha.

    How many bumpies are there? I have 11ty BILLION FRIENDS!

  • So.

    I have over 100 facebook friends.

    It's about the same thing! LOL

  • That is wonderful!  I feel blessed to have the same type of friends and support from other local stay at home moms.  I'm involved in a local board for moms and we get together a lot and I spend a lot of time connecting with other moms at our gym, at the library, at kindermusik, etc...  It has made being a stay at home mom a wonderful venture!!
  • imagecitygirl_:

    Yes, I said bizarre.? I can't comprehend needing, wanting, or having?200+ friends and I?truly don't believe you?can have quality relationships with 200+ people.? Just my opinion.? End of story.


    I don't think she EVER said that she had 200 very close friendships. She said she has 200 friends, which means she knows them and I'm sure has a few that are very close friends.?

  • What's the big deal..I am in leadership in my MOPS group...it's my obligation to get to know all the moms.  I consider them all friends...I know about they're lives, children & when they need prayers, help, etc.  I don't call them all & meet up everyday, but friends still.  Just from that group from 2 years there are probably over 100 women.  I moved here not knowing any...I've met lots more through the 3 schools my DD's been in, church, etc....not to mention all my friends from college, HS, grad school, grade school, growing up, etc.  I don't hang out w/ them all the time, some I see everyday, some every week, some occassionally, some rarely...but I still know I could call them up & ask for a favor or to go out to lunch, meet up or do a playdate & they'd be game.  I moved here 2yrs ago & knew not one person...It was hard at first but I am so glad I made the effort.  I am a much happier SAHM than I was my first 2yrs when I lived in a different city & had only 2 SAHM friends that were w/ in 500miles.
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