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Anyone use USFHP?

for healthcare?  Is it better than having prime? What are the advantages/disadvantages? How is it different than Tricare Prime?



Re: Anyone use USFHP?

  • I use it. So far so good but at my 6week post partum appt they told me I'm not covered for some papsmear special hpv test that only requires paps every 3 years as opposed to every year. Also the pediatrician I chose doesnt take it but does take prime so my LO is on that.
  • I currently have USFHP and I haven't had an issue. I've had it for about two and a half years. Generally, though, I am pretty healthy and rarely go to the doctor so I feel like my experience with USFHP and TriCare Prime are not the norm. I know a ton of people that have issues with Prime, but I wasn't one of them. I had to make a few phone calls to get an IUD covered in 2007 but it was all worked out and paid for even though I had a ton of issues with it.

    So far, the only thing I've paid for during this pregnancy is the prescription for prenatals.  

    I'm sure that doesn't help too much, but there you have it.  

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