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PCS question!!! (actually more of a BAH question)

Ok so my hubby is deployed and hehas orders to go to ft lenardwood when he returns. By the time he comes home i will be halfway through my associates degree in ECE and by transfering will loose most of my credits and will basicly have to start all over again. Hubby and i were thinking that he wil go to leanardwood (obviously) And Me, our son, and our dog will stay here in WA untill i finish my degree. So my question is this. if he is living in the barraks and i am over here in WA will we get bah? Even half will help TIA

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Re: PCS question!!! (actually more of a BAH question)

  • He can claim geographical bachelor and with you being in school they shouldn't shut him down and you should continue to receive your BAH. The only catch is if the Army moves him, they will give Leonardwood BAH and not put him up in the barracks.


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  • Geo-bachelor status will depend on his rank. DH is an E-6. He is not eligible for the barracks because of his rank. A friend of DH's is currently dealing with this. He also can only claim geo-bachelor status for six months. 
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  • You can claim geo baching the whole time. There is no time limit. I have a friend who is doing it for his entire tour (3 years). 
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  • My husband's first duty station was to Japan. I had one semester left of school, so I stayed behind while he went ahead. We continued to get BAH for where I was. He didn't get geo bach but we did get family separation. When I finished school and moved over here to Japan, we had to apply for OHA and apply to stop BAH. We were told the housing allowance is for where the dependents are at, not where he is currently stationed.
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