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Famous people

Hello!  When my husband and I got married, I sent wedding invitations to famous people to see what responses I could get back, and we ended up getting responses from the President and Mickey Mouse.  I know that the White House will also respond to birth announcements.  Has anyone sent birth announcements to any other famous people, and if so, who responded?  I thought this would make a cute addition to my newborn?s baby book.  Thanks!


Re: Famous people

  • Don't know about other famous people, but for those wanting the White House to respond, if you send a birth announcement to :

    White House Greetings Office?
    Room 39?
    Washington, DC 20500

    and include the baby's name and date of birth, the names of the parents and your mailing  address, you can get a free congratulatory note from the President.:)


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  • It made me laugh that you sent wedding invitations to famous people. I've never heard of that and never would have thought of it myself. It's funny you heard back from Mickey! I would have gotten such a kick out of that! And how awesome would that have been if someone had actually shown up! Lol
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