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Unplanned Induction without pitocin - natural hospital birth

We had originally planned a natural birth at our local hospital, but when we found out at 32 weeks that our insurance covered birth centers, we switched to a CNW independent center.  I am thalassemia beta trait and my BP  has always been in the higher normal range 130/80s, but the birth center MW accepted me.  All was going very well otherwise until my last week at work 39 weeks, when I had to leave early because I was feeling really weird.  I took my BP at home and it was 157/90 ish, so I laid down, drank some water and relaxed.  It went back down again, but I knew something wasnt right...

Four days later on March 20th, my 40 week appt and due date, my MW freaked out about my BP and I started crying...I really feared going to the hospital.  But, after watching my BP not get better after two days, my MW said she was not comfortable delivering my baby and she supported me being admitted to the hospital for an induction later that day.  Talk about a change of course!  All of a sudden, I was back with my old OB, who thankfully, is supportive of natural birthing.  

 My husband and i arrived at the hospital thinking we would be there for at least 24 hours for the induction.  I was about 50% effaced and not dilated at all.  They placed the cervadil at 8:45, offered me Ambien to help me sleep, which I refused, and my husband went home to take care of some things at home.  At 11:30 the nurses came in to tell me that they observed a pattern where the baby 's heart rate dropped after each little contraction, and had me on oxygen and IV fluids.   My husband came back immediately.  Her heart rate got better, but I started having contractions that made me uncomfortable laying in bed.  So I asked to be unhooked from the monitors so I could pee.  They obliged.  I then refused to be hooked back up again as the contractions were getting closer together and more painful.  The nurses followed me around with the fetal monitors as I swayed and rocked with my husband, and later, screamed like a banshee while leaning against the back of the bed (sort of in a half squat), and labored in the tub with my husband spraying water on my back.  My baby was in a sunny side up (OP) position, and I was feeling everything in my tailbone and butt.  The nurses said lets check her dilation, and made me lay on my back, which was excruciating.  But I was already a 6.  And then a 9.  And then 10.  They busily started prepping the room, and I knew this baby didn't need any pitocin!  The contractions got more and more close together, and it was time to push.  After only 4 or 5 pushes, my baby girl was born at 3am!  she turned from sunny side to face down sometime during labor, which I am grateful for.  

So, to all you future moms out there...don't lose your confidence if you unexpectedly have to switch health providers, or get induced.  Stay calm and focused, stay true to your heart and speak your mind to the people helping you give birth.  I thought we would be in the hospital for a long time, but my baby girl wanted OUT!  In less than 4 hours of active labor, she was born a healthy 9 pounds, 21 inches!  I had no tearing, no meds, no stitches, refused to be strapped down and told what to do.  We went home 16 hours after she was born, which they had never "allowed" anyone to do before.  Many thanks to the nurses and our pediatrician...to my husband who supported me throughout, with love and strength only he could provide.   I am so grateful to all of you.  

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  • Way to go on being able to have a positive birth experience, even though you were thrown a couple curve balls. And congrats on your sweet lil girl!
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    It takes a special amount of bitch to induce menstruation in another person. - LovelyRitaMeterMaid

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