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Afraid of the swings

My DD loved swings.  This fall we went to the park a few times and she had so much fun on them. There even got a chance to swing at Central Park over Xmas.  Well, these last few weeks it's been really nice and we've gone back to the park and she's now terrified!  Screams the second I put her in one.  What gives? I can't think what's changed other than she's gotten older. Anyone else experiencing this?
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Re: Afraid of the swings

  • My LO whimpered when we took him back to the park after the long winter. A few momments in the swing and he was squealing with happiness.

    Maybe they are starting to recognize potentially dangerous situations?

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  • My little sister was afraid of swings until she was 4. She is now 4 1/2 and will go in the swing but not high. I think some kids just don't like them as much as others.


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    My LO is terrified of slides.  I have no idea why either.
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