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What are your favorite names you can't use


Re: What are your favorite names you can't use

  • Connor, Eli, Mia, Miles, Henry

    Dec '12 & Jan '15
    I could hold you for a million years to make you feel my love.
  • Don't go with my LN: Leonardo, Theodore, Vivan, Gideon 

    DH Vetoed: Marigold, Violet, Valentine

    We know dogs w/name: Ruby, Lucy

    Ex's: Molly  

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  • Relatives:  Rachel, Violet, Chloe (a bit popular but used to love it), Rosalyn, Elizabeth (I go back and forth on this as a first name because of DH's crazy aunt).

    Know too many:  Rebekah, Anna, Hananh,

    DH vetoed:  Ezra Christian, Rose, Ann, Annabelle, Vivian, Gwendolen, Guinevere, Genevieve, Hadassah, Ethel, Edith, Hazel, Harriet, Matlida, Corinne /Corinna, Susannah

    Too popular:  Isabella, Grace, Sophia, Charlotte, Samantha

    We agree on most boy names, and in the 9 years we've talked baby names a lot have had to bite the dust.  Crying

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  • I won't list names DH vetoed because I'd be here all day, but other names I can't use are:

    Audra and Audrey (SD is Aubrey)
    Dominic, Marissa, & Matthew (due to ln)
    Holly (we probably shouldn't use due to ln, but it's on our list for #3 anyway, as it's one of the only names we both like)
    Cameron & Reid/Reed (not that we're ever having a boy so it's been a non-issue)



  • Noah & Elliot (friends/family already used them)

    Sebastian & Harper (DH hates) 

    Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasm. 
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  • Boys: Noah, Rowan, River, Alexander, Collin, Cole, Connor, Jacob, William, Eric, Ryan, Elijah, Zachary

    Girls: Lauren, Allison, Jocelyn, Alathea/Alethea, Eden, Cecilia, Leah, Anna, Gwenyth (how my grandma spells hers), Lucille, Caroline, Clara, Alexis

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  • Harrison, Milo.

    TTC since June 2010.
    DX hypothyroidism, pituitary hyperfunction, and PCOS.
    On med/treatment break indefinitely. Not currently trying.
    Lots of love to all of my Golden Girls!
    The Vagtastic Voyage
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  • Our favourite is Annika Lilly- couldn't use it because we never had a girl.

    Others are Astrid, Kristin, Anneliese, Lydia, Andrew, Reid, Levi, James, Anakin, and Soren.

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  • Nadia- DH thinks it sounds like 'naughty'

    Preston- Just found out DH's life long friend is naming his son (due in June) this.  But I'm not giving up hope yet!   

  • Amelia, Charlotte, Reid, Zachary, Nicholas 
    A Yankee Fan & A Red Sox Fan...

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  • Laura/Lauren -- rhymes with our last name

    Leland and Lochlan -- dh hates Lochlan and associates Leland with Dog the Bounty Hunter

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  • imagezaramarie81:

    Mila - oh why did we name the dog this?

    Forrest - stupid Forrest Gump

    Lol. I actually have a nephew named Forest, and the Forrest Gump association rarely comes up (to our surprise). He seems to own the name in everyone's minds. Maybe one day it will work out? :)

    Silly DH says that the name Forrest will always be associated with Gump due to that movie. I try to tell him as a middle name, it would hardly ever be brought up. If DH has his way, we'll end up using Frederick instead.

    Oh, other names DH vetoed:



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  • Just can't help myself......Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!
  • Grayson, Carlisle, Brooks, and Dominic
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