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Reflux mommies, come in please

What has worked for your LO? We were in Zantac and for 3 days it was amazing! LO mostly has the issue at night and it keeps him up, the first few days of Zantac he slep great and didn't spit up at all. Since it stopped working our doc has us trying Prilosec, yesterday was the first day and he spit up more than ive ever seen and had diarrhea(very uncommon for him) I know it takes time do robderi f if he just has to get used to it. My doc hasn't reccomended changing formula but wondering if it worked for others? Hes on enfamil newborn now.

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Re: Reflux mommies, come in please

  • Our son had reflux an we used the orange can of enfamil - the one with broken down rice starch. Zantac killed the pain for him, but never stopped or reduced the spit up. Btw, Target has a generic version of the orange enfamil. Our son actually responded better to the target generic than the enfamil. We also tried the gentlease and a couple others but the rice starch was the key to keep it down at least a little more. You might need to get some higher flow nipples. The rice starch will plug slow flow and make for a frustrated baby.
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  • We were put on the Prilosec by children's hospital and they told me 4 days till we would see a difference in it. One other thing they told me is that you don't want to make to many changes at once because then you don't know what is working and what is not working
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  • Enfamil AR definitely helps with spit up but it made my DS so constipated. He had to take a laxative everyday which to me wasn't worth it. We're trying Gerber Goodstart now.
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  • We do Zantac twice a day. We also bring her to a chiropractor three times a week using the activator method (not the twisty popping kind, it's like a pen and the pressure of putting your finger on LO). I've noticed a faster difference once we added the chiropractor.
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  • We have been on Zantac since he was 9 days old. We upped the dose and it helped a lot but these days I honestly I don't know if does anything or not. We tried Prilosec but he screamed uncontrollably for a couple of hours after we gave it to him each time (over 2 days until I called it quits). He has good days and bad. I just got him tested for food allergies (to me), started him on probiotics at our pedi's recommendation, and spoke with a lactation specialist who thinks it is really overactive letdown. Ah the never ending journey for a happy baby. . .

  • I BF and give a bottle of formula at night. Right now I'm giving my LO Similac Sensitive.  We were on Axid, now on Prevacid. Just started prevacid yesterday, hopefully it works soon. My LO grunts and strains so much at night that once she wakes up she stays up. Usually the grunting wakes her up.  She also seems to choke/gag a bit on the spit up. I am so frustrated! I feel so bad for her and even worse b/c there is nothing I can do to make her feel better.

    Anyone have any experience with Prevacid?

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