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cradle cap??

My baby is starting to get some dry scaly skin on his head... I'm assuming this is cradle cap and I want to stop it from getting worse. However all I have read online is to use baby oil. I don't have baby oil, I have baby lotion and shampoo, and baby soap....

Can't I just use baby lotion on his head? Or what do you suggest?

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Re: cradle cap??

  • Some people swear by olive oil, if that helps.  Or maybe vegetable oil??  My DS has a bit of cradle cap, but I haven't done anything for it yet.

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    I just looked this up on yesterday for my LO.  It says to shampoo and brush her hair and scalp to get the flakes up.  My dr said use baby oil but this site says the baby oil is useless.  I brushed her head for about 15-20 minutes after the bath and then then rubbed her head with a towel to dislodge the flakes from her hair and today she looks perfect.


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  • We took a baby care class and they said to just use olive/vegetable oil.
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  • I don't think the lotion will help much.

    When DD#1 had cradle cap, our pedi suggested using a dandruff shampoo as long as we were careful not to get it in her eyes. It did work for her.

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  • My pedi prescribed Selsun Blue Natural for my son.  We wash his hair everyday. 

    Curious why he didn't suggest a more natural approach.  Maybe because my baby has lots of hair.  He didn't call it cradle cap either he called it dandruff. 

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  • Aquaphor. Works quickly.
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