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    This. Start from scratch (you can keep Sebastian, though).  

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    Yes it's pronounced like Cole, it honors my husbands best friend who has passed.  

    The hottest girl in my highschool was named Cole. I think it is a great NICKNAME for a girl. In her case, her full name was Laura Nicholson, NN Cole.

    Of your list, I LOVE Sebastian. 

    Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasm. 
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    omg!  ha!  LOL!!! 

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    i also like names that are off the beaten path, but i know coming on here where 90% of people pick the road most traveled and asking opinions is always dangerous and going to get identical results. your names aren't "trashy" nor do they diminish your child's chances of anything. i always love those responses. they are very different though, minus sebastian. that's oddly my least favorite on your list. i think collette who goes by cole is pretty. if you go with bostyn, i think you should put the o back in. it's good enough different on its own without any surgery. i do find it stronger for a boy though. it's tricky though if people shorten it, boss? as for devlyn, i have always thought of it as a girls name but the lyn trend drives me insane so i'd put the i back in.

    So say the person who can't even be bothered to use the shift key on their keyboard.

    And yes, they are trashy names and they will certain diminish the child's chances of success in many circumstances. I would judge the resume/application of someone with these names (except Sebastian).  There are plenty of studies on this.

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