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CP: 4-5 hr nap during day okay?

LO has started to sleep better, and we're getting on a schedule. today she's slept longer than usual (she's ebf). Starting last night she slept 6 hours straight, and then today she's going on 4 and a half hours for a nap. Is this okay? Should I be worried? She poops and pees fine, eats well, and behaves normal. Maybe a growth spurt? How long is too long a daytime nap?

Re: CP: 4-5 hr nap during day okay?

  • oops, just saw a similar question below regarding duration. I assume it's normal then :)

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  • i didn't read the PP, but mine is doing the same thing the last 2 days and she's about the same age...growth spurt, starting to schedule, i don't know but i'm enjoying it while it lasts! (with the exception of my boobs, which are on the verge of exploding after being on an every 2-3 hr schedule!)
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  • I'd wake her up.  I let my baby sleep long for a nap once and then she didn't sleep much at all that night.  I really regretted it.  Now, I wake her up after an hour and a half to two hours for naps.  
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