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How do you get your LO to nap??

My DS is super exhausted (he's been up for 5+ hours now), but won't take a nap. I've tried several different times in a variety of ways (nursing, rocking, patting, paci, etc.) and he closes his eyes for maybe 2-3 minutes and then they snap open again.  

Should I swaddle?  I've read several posts about people not swaddling because it's saved for their night routine only.  

Do I just cover DS in a blanket?

Do I just put him in the swing and hope he falls asleep?  

I'm totally at a loss right now.  How do you get your LO to nap??

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Re: How do you get your LO to nap??

  • We never swaddle, LO gets out of it right away. But usually when we have days like that,I will feed and wrap him in a blanket and just sway and rock back and forth with him in a cool dark room with some sort of white noise. We have this really high powered stand fan in our bedroom that makes great white noise, and it usually rocks him right to sleep. If not we try swing, bath, car ride, white noise in the rnp... But we still have those days where nothing works and LO is up ALL day it seems.
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  • My baby won't nap unless she is swaddled.  I use the Swaddle Me at night and a blanket during the day.  You have to make sure the blanket is big enough so your LO won't kick it open.  At times I forget DD is nit swaddled and I try to figure out what is wrong... the i remember to swaddle.  She is out as soon as I finish. 

    I also agree w/ pp.  Happiest Baby on the Block is a great resource! 

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  • Up until 4 days ago, LO would only nap while being held no matter what we tried even though she would sleep in the RNP at night (not complaining b/c we would rather have her able to u/s night time and hold her all day than have it the other way around).  You may just have a touchy baby that needs to be held to nap, but don't worry, it won't last that way forever!

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  • We swaddle often- for night time, nap time, and when he seems fussy for no reason. It helps DS a lot. Seems to chill him out and keep his arms down so they don't startle him awake if he starts to doze off. He always sleeps more soundly and for longer swaddled.
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  • We try a little bit of everything.  Some things will work one day or for a while and then not.  Swaddling helps.  Loud white noise helps - like the vacuum or the hair dryer.  Combine this with the motion of the swing or in my arms bouncing on an exercise ball.  Sometimes they just won't nap for longer than 20 minutes or so. 

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  • Argh, today DD wouldn't sleep either! I tried everything and was getting all frustrated.... then DH grabbed her, popped her in the Ergo, and - POOF - she was out like a light! Every baby's different and i just think you need to keep experimenting until you find their off switch. :)

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  • oh, how about a car ride? that's worked EVERY time for DD. So awesome. :)

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  • My baby thinks he doesn't like to be swaddled, but he does!! As soon as I swaddle him really tight, he immediately calms.  He tries to get his hands out, and sometimes he does, so I just re-do it. If he's not swaddled his arms  and legs are out fbcontrol and prevent him from sleeping more than 10 minutes. After swaddling, I lay him on his side on my lap..his body lays in the middle of my legs. I put my hands under his head and sway my legs back and forth. (I saw this on Happiest Baby on the Block DVD.) this always works to calm him or get him to sleep. If he's having an especially hard time, I put his paci in and do a whooshing sound in his ear....basically, the 5 S's!! Sometimes he's out in 5 minutes,other times it takes about 20. My husband and I have it down to a science! :) 
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